03 February, 2011

Paintchip collage

This afternoon Hazel and I sat down to some cutting/gluing/drawing/cutting/stickering and I decided to do something with this huge bag of paint chips I had. Many moons ago my friend Jess sent me a stack of Martha Stewart paint chips from Canada - I can't remember why but I'm sure I must have asked her to and I do remember going through them and loving some of the combinations. They appeared again when I was looking for a NZ paint chart for the outside of our house and were sitting there begging to be used. I've seen some really cool things done with paint chips, like using them for wallpaper, but I decided to be a bit more modest in my ambitions! I just cut the edges off to get rid of the names/numbers and then cut each strip in two lengthwise. Then I glued each strip of four colours onto a big piece of card in horizontal lines. It's rough and ready but I'm very taken with it!

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