09 February, 2011

Projects for 2011

Why hello little blog, I've been neglecting you! It's been a busy week with Hazel starting back at school, a bit of paint stripping on exterior windows and slowly working away on my Scandinavian Needlework project - hopefully it'll be finished in a day or two!

In the meantime I thought I'd post a picture of the assembled non-clothing projects I want to do this year, the ones I know about anyways! I know there are two topsy-turvey dolls and maybe a bunny for Easter lined up as well. Some of these are still lurking from last year, some are with fabrics I bought in Canada.

Did you know that fabric is slated to increase about 30% in the next year or so? That's what I was told by one lady in a quilt shop, so that's not only quilting fabrics but ALL fabric, even that used by clothing manufacturers. Something to do with the fabric mills in China. Pretty sobering!

Projects for 2011, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

So let's think about happier things shall we? So from top left and going clockwise: a quilt for Hazel made from Far Far Away fabrics. This one has been sitting around for far too long. Stack of Amy Butler Soul Blossoms FQ, destined for a quilt (pattern undetermined), a couple of panels of Saffron Craig fabric, some hand-printed fabric from Heleen at Ruby in the Dust, destined for a lapquilt. My red quilt top and back, all ready to be quilted. I think this one will be first cab off the rank. Pile of fabrics, mostly from It's a Hoot by MoMo, also for a quilt. Green and brown fabrics for either coasters or placemats for a gift, haven't decided on which yet. This has some urgency, maybe it should be first... Yellow, red, orange and pink print and solid set to make a quilt from Practical Guide to Patchwork. My friend Sarah gave me a gift certificate to a fabric shop for Xmas, so the working title will be "Sarah's quilt", some Echino fabrics to make pillows with.

So that's the line-up and aside from anything very small and utterly necessary to one of these projects I am placing my hand on my heart and saying that I will not buy any more fabric this year and will work solely from my stash, amen. And I really do mean it and part of the reason for posting all this stuff up here is that I'll feel like I've got the world watching - I respond well to the threat of public shaming.


  1. is it wrong i take the news abt a price increase as an excuse to stock up now?
    i kid, i am trying to work through my stash lately!

    good luck with all your projects

  2. ThelittlecraftstoreFebruary 14, 2011 at 9:51 PM

    The price increase is worse than you were told my supplier has just informed me that everything will go up by 80% from March !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAhhhh was not the news I was expecting - good job you have a good stash :)

  3. This is fabulous
    news. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. What?! Holy smokes... I was reading more about prices via Trueup and they were all talking about the 30% kind of ballpark figure - are we just getting special treatment? My stash won't last forever!

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