15 February, 2011

Hipstamatic bedroom

On Sunday it was just so stinking hot and humid all I wanted to do was collapse. So I lay on our bed and watched Mat rip laserlite off from over the deck in preparation for our house being painted (!!!yay!) and Hazel sat next to me chattering away and sewing a lovebug of her own design and asking me to do help with pretty much everything. In between that I played with Hipstamatic.

I'm not used to seeing the sky out of window like this, it's really very nice! The light floods into all the rooms that open onto the deck and it feels much more open. On the other hand the rain comes in, the shoes get wet, and sunbeams heat the house up. We're liking the openess so much that we're thinking of painting the beams white so they blend in with the house more and don't look so massive when we replace the cover.

On an entirely unrelated note - ever since I was a kid I have stared at ceilings imagining how it would look if the house was turned upside down and the ceiling were the floor and I had to walk around the house that way. Am I alone in this? If I am I'm sure it indicates sheer untapped genius :)

The problem with having these high ceilings would be the getting in and out of doors.  I do love that moulding though, it has the most beautiful changing shadows throughout the day. The print is by Judith Kunzlé, an artist we know in the Cook Islands. I love her dancers but the landscapes are my favourites, they capture Polynesia so perfectly! I should start saving up for an Aitutaki one (where my PhD research was based).


  1. I often thought about walking around on the ceiling....only our house had ceiling fans and they frightened me a bit!

  2. I totally used to do the same thing with my ceilings! We also have ceiling fans but I just figured they would be like a little merry go round you could ride on!

  3. We've been there with the laserlite too - though not outside bedrooms, outside the kitchen/dining area. We took it down to extend the decking and pergola, and replaced it with the very clear stuff, which is great. It's not particularly shady on hot days, so we wish we'd put in a couple of tinted panels too.

  4. Um yes, that would add a certain excitement to everyday living wouldn't it! Whirling blades of death on the bedroom floor.



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