18 February, 2011

Soul Blossoms sunglasses case

I was on a roll after I made my iPhone cover (which is working out well though a touch hard to get the phone into sometimes) and needed something for my sunglasses, so I took a deep breath and cut into my little stack of Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms fabric. I'd like to make a quilt from it but figured there was no point in being totally precious about it and I'd imagine that, like most of Amy Butler's other lines, it'll be around for awhile if I desperately need any more (did I just jinx myself?).

I'm kind of hopeless with sunglasses - I frequently forget to bring them out with me, or if I do they're in my bag with no cover getting damaged. Not anymore!

Soul Blossoms sunglasses case

I used the One Shabby Chick tutorial again and this time did it "properly" which I must admit is easier but the case doesn't have the stiffness of the iPhone cover and so gets a bit distorted with the glasses in it. Personally I think people will be blinded by the fabrics and not notice anything so trivial (I know I am!).

Soul Blossoms sunglasses case

Hey, have any of you come across a good quilt pattern for Soul Blossoms that isn't the official one for this line, or Red Pepper Quilt's? I love RPQ's but I'd like something a bit more intense and saturated, while the official one is just too much!

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  1. ooh, very pretty! I need to make one too, my sunnies are always just thrown into my bag :)



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