28 January, 2010

A photographic odyssey

I finally got around to doing up the gorgeous Clothkits dress kit I got for Hazel many months ago. It looks so amazing! I lured Hazel out for a photoshoot this afternoon, although she insisted on bringing a small plastic dinosaur with her.

The first few shots she was a very fierce dinosaur

Clothkits dress

But that didn't show the design on the dress so I said "hold your arms out to the side please". Note the small plastic dinosaur in her right hand.

Clothkits dress

Then I realised that hot pink and bright orangey yellow were just not going to photograph well in that light so I gave up. She paused on the deck out of the bright light so I tried again

Clothkits dress

Then I asked her to turn around so I could take a photo of the birdy on her bum. Instantly it was all about the bum, the bum was wiggled, it posed, Hazel giggled and said "bum" a lot. It's a hot topic amongst the four year olds I've noticed! Here it is in a rare still moment

Clothkits dress

Then she asked if she could take a photo of Lucy with the SLR. With misgivings, I put the strap around her neck and my hands on her shoulders and got her down the stairs to take it. It was so heavy she could barely hold it up but she managed to take this lovely photo none-the-less. I like how Lucy's head is in focus but the rest is slightly blurry. Don't you just love tabby markings? The more I look at Lucy the more I think her markings are just incredibly exotic - there's spots and stripes and swirls and colour graditons and almost an Art Nouveau aesthetic to it all. But because tabbies are a dime-a-dozen we lose sight of the amazingness. Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to see a cat for the first time, especially a tabby, and I know it'd be a "wow!" moment. I need to do a good closeup of her face so I can point out the little row of tiny brown spots that go from one row of whiskers, under her nose across to the whiskers on the other side. And remind me to tell you my party anecdote about the blotchy tabby mutation and its spread sometime ;) Scientists, we're the life of the party! And yes Dad, I AM a scientist, no "soft science" cracks allowed on this blog. :P


Then I remembered to take a photo of this neat moss (?) that's growing in a pot that used to house a blueberry that got toddlered during one of my mum's group get-togethers. I've been meaning to try out a tilt-shift on it because it looks for all the world like a small oasis of palm trees, but in the end it looked better just cropped.


I need to go out and try photographing it again, but it started to rain and thunder about then - a lovely end-of-a-hot-day-thunderstorm, although all too brief and then even more humid after the sun came out again! Being from Alberta, a province that doesn't do humidity, I don't handle it very well, although I must say it's very nice for skin!


  1. That dress is so cute! And the picture of the cat is great! Looks like you have a budding photographer on your hands!

  2. Loving that dress... :)

    It's funny how miniature stuff seems to mimic the big stuff in nature (does that sentence even make sense?), I like how it does!

  3. Love the picture of Lucy. You are so right about tabbies. Also love the moss... it makes me long for spring which is a long way off here. Although I have noticed the days are getting longer. Hazel's dress is beautiful - love the fabric and color!

  4. its a fairy paradise!

    love the dress... adult size? haha.

    and yes the rain/sun/rain/thunder/rain/sun/rain/thunder day was strange.

  5. OMG. What a cute dress!

    Miss Hazel is lovely, as always, and it's wonderful to see Miss Lucy, too. She looks like a cat we used to have.

    Cats are cool. Underrated, really.

  6. @Jenny - The Clothkit stuff is really gorgeous – both for kids and adults! And yes, Hazel does love taking photos but I spend most of my time fearing she’s going to do something dire to the cameras. Digital is great for kids though, you’d never let them snap away with real film :)

    @SewFunky - I guess that’s the appeal of terrariums and bonsai, I used to love trying to recreate a landscape in miniature.

    @Fitgirl - Thanks Renee! And your chance at summer will come eventually :)

    @FaerySarah - Not haha at all! http://www.clothkits.co.uk/birdie-want-skirt-p-50.html Feel free to want the rest of the skirts too!

    @Gina - Cats ARE underrated, unless it's 5:30 and they want breakfast.

  7. gorgeous dress, fabric and model! by the way, I had a look at Machinarium and my whole family are now addicted... It's such an unusual game, both beautiful and tricky. Thanks for the link :)



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