15 January, 2010

My current project

Wicker dolls pram, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

Or one of them anyways! My cousin passed on her old wicker doll's pram to Hazel this Christmas. It was a hand-me-down for her too, so not sure how old it is but I love it! It needs a bit of TLC but is otherwise in fabulous condition. When she sent me an email asking if I'd be interested I just about fell off my chair in my haste to reply and say "Yes!"

I spent an hour or so scrubbing the hood with soapy water this afternoon and have come to the conclusion that wicker is bloody hard to clean! I'll get there eventually though! And maximum result too, it's going to look really nice. I think it's important to fix the things that might result in it being badly damaged - like the jury-rigged hinge on one side of the hood and maybe some of the little spots of rust, and to replace that rubbery grip stuff on the handle which has perished away. Otherwise we'll leave it as is, worn paint and all. Hazel got a lot of attention when we went for a walk down to the shops with it a couple days ago. One lady even stopped us to talk about her old pram that she'd given to her daughter!

Week 2 of the 52 Friday self-portrait challenge is here. If you're interested in joining the 52 Fridays Flickr group, we're here!


  1. We had one of these prams as kids as well. I do wish we lived in a bigger house now, as I know my daughter would love it. It's still at my dad's house, just sitting around. But I do remember loving it.
    Good luck with the repairs. And have fun on your perambulator walks.

  2. I'm still trying to track down my old pram (which seemed to have made the rounds of all the cousins after I'd outgrown using it), which is just like Hazel's - I love it!
    Oh, and 30 seconds spray (from the supermarket) has worked a treat for me before on vintage wicker toy things, so might be worth a go?



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