17 January, 2010

Creating not blogging

...for once! Well lately anyways. But yay, got the crafty thing going on again, thanks to the pink wool slippers and a book that showed up last Thursday. The small baby steps and quick project success led me on to bigger (but not necessarily better) things, which is actually sewing Mat's shirt. To be honest I've been putting it off and putting it off because I was scared of a) screwing it up because I haven't sewn a shirt for ages; and b) Mat not liking it because the last shirt I sewed him about 12 years ago he hated. But maybe my sewing skillz have improved over the last few years from doing other things, or perhaps collars were never as hard as I remembered or what, but it's going very well technically* and Mat really seems to like it so far! Hopefully pictures to come tomorrow or Tuesday. I don't like doing a post without pictures, but I think I can be brave and hit the 'publish' button without them!

*other than that the fusible interfacing on the collar bubbled a bit after a few hot irons. Bugger! Not sure what to do to fix it. Anyone have advice?

ETA: Aieeee!! I jinxed myself! Yes, technically everything was going fine, but the pattern let me down. I had the first sleeve in and sewed up the side and tried it on Mat. The sleeve was waaay too tight around the underarm. So I let it out by about a centimetre and tried it on again. Better but still not great, it had a nasty pull into the underarm area both front and back. I was a bit distraught but Mat was very reassuring and kept saying it would be ok even though I know it's not nice to wear clothes that bind. We both puzzled over why and then Mat had the great idea of checking it against some of his other shirts. We discovered that while the dimensions of the two shirts were almost identical, the armhole needed to sit further in on the shoulder and curve into the body more. I actually had vague memories of mum telling me something similar about armholes when we were initially figuring out what was wrong with the fit. So anyways, I think the situation is salvageable - I'll take a pattern off one of the shirts and recut the armhole and sleeve and start again. Needless to say there won't be any photos tomorrow or Tuesday!


  1. good luck with the redraft of the armhole. Hate when things are going along swimmingly only to be stymied by faulty instructions...bad enough when it's me causing the holdup (sewing things backwards etc)...pure righteous indignation takes over when it's somebody else's error. Oh the humanity!!!! lol

  2. Better you than me, is all I can say.



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