12 January, 2010

Squirrels in my pants!

Well no, not really because we don't have them here in NZ but it was either that title or "Eeee!". I popped over to my stats as I do periodically and I'd had 450-odd visitors today which is about 4x normal. I looked at referrals and nothing looked obvious so I started to panic a bit thinking my blog had been posted somewhere undesireable, or worse. Not that I know what worse could be but I'm sure it exists! Anyways, on page three of referrals I found the answer - Oliver + S had posted a link to my 2+2 blouse in their newsletter. Phew! So nice of them, I'm really flattered and much nicer to have them as the source of the visitors than what I'd feared! :P

Which just goes to show, checking your stats can be bad for your mental health. Let me be a bad example! Still, if I hadn't checked I wouldn't have known of my brief flirtation with publicity :)


  1. oh yay you!!! Well done, and so well deserved...I have to confess that when I first saw your 2+2 (before I read the post!) I thought it was Oliver + S - the same gorgeous, classic styling!

    ps love the new header too!

  2. That might just be the best entry title ever :)

    Glad to hear you're getting the nods you deserve - that blouse is gorgeous, and Hazel looks completely adorable in it :)



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