29 August, 2010

The Wee Wonderfuls book

 Wee Wonderfuls cover

I've had this book for a couple weeks now and it's growing on me every day.  Sounds a bit like a distressingly personal kind of disease doesn't it? ;)  But really, the projects are just so cute and I'm busy sewing up a small pack of dachshund necklaces (yay handsewing!).  Pack of dachshunds...why is it that the words "pack" and "dachshund" just don't really go together?  Pack implies something purposeful and dangerous, not the words that immediately spring to mind when considering dachshunds. But anyways, there will be a post on them in the next few days so in the meantime I thought I'd just share a few of my favourite projects in case you've been wondering if the book's for you.  And to be honest, even if these ones don't grab you it might still be a goer because these are a very biased collection! I love Hilary's dolls and patterns and have done a few of them in the last few years, including a bunch of Olives and Archies.

Melvin and Marion the Librarian Bears.  These would be for me and I would stand firm on that in the face of the inevitable blandishments and whining from Hazel. I mean really, librarian bears?  Even the name makes me want them. On the list of 'jobs I could have done if I hadn't been an archaeologist' librarian comes right after palaeontologist.  Hazel says she's going to be a palaeontologist when she grows up (she loves dinosaurs) so perhaps I can go on digs with her when I'm retired.
Melvin and Marion

You can get the pattern for this Mermaiden from Melanie Falick Books. Hazel picked this one next after the dachshunds. I like it when she chooses the easy projects!

 The Ellie bag.  I think Hazel has too many bags that she doesn't use enough but this would be a good addition to the collection.
Ellie Bag

The Tag-a-long doll.  It reminds me of the Olive doll I made for Hazel a few years ago, but the construction is heaps easier and the pigtails are so cute!
Tag-a-long doll

Bjorn Bjornson - would totally be for me and I'd love him and kiss him and call him Bjorn.
Bjorn Bjornson

Little Miss Storybook - she comes with the most adorable red cape so I guess she can be Goldilocks or Red Riding Hood - or any of the other blond fairytale heroines!  I was explaining to Hazel how she was a goldilocks too and she thought that was hilarious because there was no way there were any bears around.
Little Miss Storybook

I'm really looking forward to doing at least one or two of these toys, particularly if they're destined for my desk! There is a Flickr group for the book if you're interested in seeing some of the other toys.


  1. Those projects are SO CUTE! I wish Veronica was still young enough to be into stuff like that.

  2. Oh my I don't think I can show Nicole this book she will want everything especially the mermaid!! If you are thinking of anything for the girls for Xmas that would be it ( you know with all your spare time). The tag along doll is fabulous too. Just today Nicole was lamenting the loss of the lovely felt jacket that came with the original Dahwee because the weather ahs suddenly turned colder ( I think I told you she left it at church way back when she first had it and it was never found)
    I have to start thinking Christmas or I will never get anything made!

  3. Yeah, I can actually see this being a huge hit for my co-worker pals. Who wouldn't want an adorable librian bear for their cubicle??



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