27 August, 2010

I'm excited about tomorrow!

One of the great sadnesses of my life here in Auckland has been a complete dearth of decent craft supply shops but that's about to change tomorrow when "The Little Craft Shop" opens up in Pt. Chev!  [insert wild flailings here]  I've been following its progress for the last week and even though Mat has banned me from ever visiting it already (HAH!), Hazel and I have plans to attend the opening tomorrow.  In fact, when I mentioned it the other night, you know, just casually, and at the same time as Mat was laying down the law, Hazel was saying very excitedly "yaaaaayyy and I can come with you!"  Of course she thinks I'm going to buy her something but really I have my eye on some of these reds because I'm trying to collect enough reds and oranges to do a lap quilt and that one just under the patterns is just the ticket I think. Well it'll be the ticket after I finish of the other quilts I'm supposed to be doing first that is!  Doesn't that sound like I'm a total pro at quilting when in fact I've only ever done the one?  "How to Bluff your way in Quilting" - a book I could probably write.


  1. you enjoy!! look forward to hearing about it. I'm going to a soccer final & prizegiving. know where I'd rather be...

  2. I have to admit I'm kind of glad Hazel baulked at soccer. :P



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