30 August, 2010

Spring has sprung

It's officially a few days off still, but today just felt like spring.


Jasmine is one of my favourite flowers ever. I used to have a plant growing up the back of our house but it was a bad spot and it got sooty mildew and we pulled it out. Since it's meant to be a noxious weed here in Auckland (not allowed to grow it) I didn't replace it. But darn it, everyone else has it growing, great big freaking hedges of it in places, so I'm going to give it another go. Not sure if this bit I found on the side of the road will root or not, but I'm enjoying the flowers and I can always go back for more cuttings after they've stopped flowering.


  1. Jasmine is my all time fav too. I've tried growing it from a cutting as my dad has it growing but no luck. It's such a lovely plant for a noxious weed!

  2. Ah, this is beautiful! I love the scent of Jasmine too and you have captured it beautifully. Here's to a wonderful Spring :)

  3. The smell is beautiful. and I think it's so pretty. but by golly it's something else as a weed. our place is riddled with it so we will be able to supply many a robust cutting. I haven't noticed any seed but it has strong runners. I'll try to remember to bring some over.



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