16 August, 2010

Prolapsed disks and lapsed blogs

I'm not actually lapsing my blog, I'm just on sick-leave! This bloody disk and the resulting sciatica is causing me no end of pain and unhappiness and is not improving much so I'm off to a back specialist. Of course I have to wait a couple weeks so I don't anticipate much improvement in that time, nor immediately after unless he's got a magic wand! There's no disguising the fact that this really really sucks and all I can do is hope that I'm not heading for an operation and that it doesn't affect my trip to Canada at Christmas. Aaaanyways, my sitting time is pretty limited at the moment and I'm using almost of all of it for working on lectures which means that blogging and sewing is off the menu for awhile yet.

This is terrible of course because I've got a list a mile long of things I want to sew for myself (for once and look what happens), Mat and Hazel and I just got the new Wee Wonderfuls book in the post today and of course all I can do is gaze longingly at the projects because there is no way in haitch-eee-double-hockey-sticks that I'm going to get to them until well into next year! Frustrating to say the least!

And yes, it's also terrible because my lectures aren't quite all they could be either, and I feel bad for the students (occasionally). But mostly it's terrible about the sewing and blogging.

Ok, enough blogging, back to lectures!  I'll try and pop in with a few posts I have burning holes in my brain but can't promise when. I do hope you can stick around despite the slow posting :)

ETA: Oh! Oh! There IS something I can do from the Wee Wonderfuls book, it's a little fabric Doxie Dachshund necklace that is all handsewn, so I can sit on the floor in perfect cross-legged yoga pose (the only sitting that really works although the rest of me gets very sore and stiff) and be crafty. Btw, I had no idea that not only does a doxie mean a lady of easy virtue, but it's also a common name for dachshunds.  Huh. Well there you go :)  What does that say about dachshunds though, and are they aware of this slur?


  1. Ouch! Can't believe you have to wait so long to get some help. Good luck when you do.

  2. Oh. I hate back ache and yours sounds especially horrible. No sewing :( I hope you get better soon.

  3. ack on the sore back and the long wait! Can you get in to see an osteo in the meantime to get some relief?
    And love the info on doxie...I had no idea about the slur (is that why daschunds have evolved such short legs - to fly low under the radar lest someone else besmirch their good name?) Is it awful that I am putting that little nugget away for a time when I may need to refer to someone as a doxie? yes well, perhaps best not to answer that!!!

  4. I am so so sorry to read about your back! About 3 months ago my husband broke off a piece of his disc and now has to have it removed. He has been waiting for ACC to agree to the operation for so long and finally just this week been given the go ahead, the sucky thing is that he has medical insurance, but they wouldn't do a thing until ACC declined.
    Anyway, I hope you get it sorted out soon. I know how terrible it can be.

  5. Yikes. I hope I haven't done that to myself but the physio said the other
    back patient he's treating did it so I'll have to cross my fingers!



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