18 August, 2010

Dumpling Dynasty Bunny

Along with the Mee a Bee bag, I wanted to put together a sewing kit for Hazel for her birthday, she's been asking and asking for one. I found this great vintage wicker sewing basket in an op shop, full of odds 'n ends (and 3 silverfish!) and refurbished it (another post because I'm doing this one from University during my office hours ahem). Then a bit later on as part of the Ice Cream Social I needed the pattern and found it over at Kelani Fabric Obsession. Of course on such a nice website it would be criminal not to browse around and look at the loveliness and while doing that (and studiously NOT looking at any of the fabrics) I found this little kit - the Dumpling Dynasty Easy Sew Bunny Kit. I mean, how could I not add it to my cart? They also do a cute little sewing kit but that would have rather defeated the purpose.
The really appealing part of the kit is that it comes with everything you need and the holes already punched into the fabric
which makes Hazel actually sew properly instead of the free-form she's currently producing. Which is all well and good but it needs to get directed at some point! You also get a wee journal and pencil to record your adventures and a gorgeous little tin to keep it all in. I especially love that the two girls on the front look a lot like Hazel and her friend Chloe (awwwww!) and the little phrase 'Make with Joy' top right. I'm sure it's just pandering to all my preconceptions of Chinese products but it's damn cute!

Hazel really enjoyed making it, though she's incredibly impatient and still has to learn that there are steps that need to be completed first - boring things before the fun. But this is such a great way for her to learn that and she gets a cute bunny at the end. We've finished the bunny and the dress is still to go - I think Hazel is actually quite happy with her fuzzy pink bunny ("it's fur is SO FUZZY LIKE A KITTEN mummy!") that the dress is a bit incidental. Plus of course the mini-me American Girl doll and fuzzy puppy arrived from NY a few days later so much has fallen by the wayside since then :)
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