11 August, 2010

The Mee a Bee puppy bag

Here in New Zealand kids start school the day after they turn 5 so not only were were getting ready for Hazel's birthday but we also had to start thinking about school stuff!  Because she's been going to créche for several years it wasn't such a big shock and we had lunch boxes and all that, but we needed a good school bag.  One of my first thoughts was a bag from Mee a Bee. Hazel and I had a good browse around but as it turned out the bags were too small to fit her lunchbox in so they weren't an option for school - but Hazel had fallen in love with one made from fabric with dogs on it.  I got in touch with Jacqui and it turned out that she had a larger dog one partially made so I bought it for Hazel's birthday.  It came with a little extra in the form of some super-cute Japanese stickers and a writing set, which I neglected to take a photo of before they were used!  Despite having two boys Jacqui obviously knows the way to a little girl's heart :) But here's the bag (it has a lovely pale grey striped lining)

Mee a Bee bag

I saw another Mee a Bee bag at a children's play last month and they're very distinctive, I spotted it right away! It's funny how that works, I look at the website and then literally the next day there one is across the room.  They're just so small and cute! Perfect for littlies - and this one being a bit larger is perfect for a 5 year old because you can fit in a Barbie or two (if only that was all she had!)

Mee a Bee bag detail

The swing tag is still there not because I'm trying to garner favour with Jacqui but because Hazel won't let me take it off. I tried, I was there with the scissors and she was all "NO! Leave it!" and when I asked why she said "because it's cute" which is pretty much her raison d'être these days and I don't dare argue with it.


  1. so cute! great pick!

  2. Oh my. That bag would almost be enough reason to send the kids to school! Stunning. Go well, Miss Hazel (and parents).

  3. Oh thanks so much!! It makes me so happy reading this, to know that kids really do love my bags. Happy Birthday Hazel and all the best at school!!
    Thanks Jacqui!

    from Jacqui in Japan

  4. oh that is so cute! ...and I only have 10 months in which to sort school bags for my 2....hmm... (you are such an enabler. Keep it up! lol)

  5. Well actually since it's not big enough for school you wouldn't have to be
    sending kids that direction to justify one ;)

  6. But I'm a good sort of enabler right? :)



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