24 August, 2010

Fa la la la Felt

A few weeks ago I had a lovely email from Sew Mama Sew letting me know that I'd won the book Fa la la la Felt in a giveaway they were doing. Aside from the fact I was so gobsmacked I'd actually won something I was excited because the projects I'd seen looked fun, I love felt, and I had it on my wishlist over at the Book Depository.  I've been anxiously awaiting it in the mail ever since!

fa la la la felt...and guess whose trio of trees is on the cover!

It came yesterday so I thought I'd just share some of the projects that caught my eye.  I've realised that several of them were from the same designers, Cathy Gaubert and Esther Coar, it's kind of neat when you connect to someone's work so consistently!

fa la la la felt :: gingerman + sugar cookie friend


These little guys are my hands-down favourites!

fa la la la felt :: portraits

Hazel's in love with these

Candy garland

Good enough to eat!

snowflake baubles

The layering and embroidery on these is lovely.

There are so many other great projects, including a swathe of stockings, it's definitely a book worth looking into!  The Flickr Group is here.  It's also available as an ebook from Zinio which is pretty cool, and it's cheaper than buying the actual book. I have to say though, there's something very satisfying about having a book in the hand!


  1. I recently flipped through this book at the bookstore and had to move it to the top of my books-I-must-own list. It's just over $10 at Amazon (not bad!) and I love those odd little ginger/snow people too. Congratulations on the win! :)

  2. So very cute indeed. I may have to get that to help with some Christmas planning, so I don't leave it to the usual last minute rush

  3. This seems kind of timely doesn't it? second half of the year and all. nice win for after Hazel's birthday ;-)

  4. Oh my goodness that book looks so cute! You're favourite is my favourite from those photos too! I've gone to Book Depository and it's in my cart...shall I do it...

  5. That book looks amazing!! I love making things with felt - thanks for sharing!!

  6. oh, my! thanks so much for the sweet words...it's so nice to hear when someone "connects so consistently" with what i make (i love that choice of words!!!). i must be doing something right, yes? :) i adore the garland, also! i actually started cutting it out last year when the book only existed as an e-book. i think that i need to pull it out (after i remember where i stuffed it!) and get it finished for december. i would love to see what you make from the book!!! we do have a flickr group, and it is definitely time to dust the cobwebs off of that thing. it's here, if you are interested... http://www.flickr.com/groups/falalalafelt/. check out jen docherty photo album that she made for her daughter's birthday...i think you will love it!
    xxx, cathy

  7. apparently, my brain isn't firing all that quickly this morning. of course you already know that there is a flickr group as you link to it in your post! duh. sorry! i guess that i shouldn't try to read a blog, chase an almost 2 year old, and cook french toast at the same time. oh, and that should have been "jen docherty's" photo album. grrr. now that french toast is being eaten by the no-longer-running child, i may be able to go back and read some more! :)



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