08 February, 2010

This deserves a celebration!

I've just noticed that I've hit exactly 300 posts (is that all?), gone over a hundred followers and over 200 subscribers on Google Reader (hi everyone!) so really, that deserves marking doesn't it? PLUS I did promise to do a postponed first anniversary giveaway when I hit that mark at the beginning of December. Now I just have to decide what to make. Is there anything that has caught your attention over the last year that is replicable and you'd love to have a chance at?

Some suggestions (but not limited to these by any means and some I wouldn't want to replicate):

2009 Mosaic


  1. The O&S blouse you made Hazel that brought you fame and recognition. That is just beautiful!

  2. The felt spots, they were to die for!

  3. Well I love Hazel and she does come up in your photos a lot but I'm assuming she's automatically out of a prize pool.

    So I would have to say the wheatpig! That may not be the actual name (the heatbag pig) but I like it so I'm gonna vote wheatpig.

    Yay go wheatpig!

  4. congrats! And that gorgeous pile of craftiness is just gorgeous!!! Choices choices....arg!

  5. Congratualtions !!!

    I'd want a doll (but a boy one), or a crown. All your things are lovely though, and anyone who won a giveaway from you would be very happy !

  6. Congratulations! Everything is amazing and I couldn't choose if I had to...you pick.

  7. Bunnies! I can't get over your bunnies. Or that gorgeous blouse, in my baby's size (or mine, I'd wear it!). Or a doll, or... a surprise?
    Congratulations, and here's to three hundred more!

  8. I like the Wheat pig... you have so many nice things to vote on. Congrats to 300... I will be reading for 300 more.



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