21 February, 2010

New way of commenting

I've just switched my comments over to Disqus because I'm sooooo tired of not being able to respond to your comments properly with Blogger's comment system, as well as fielding complaints from people that Blogger wouldn't let them comment. This shouldn't change how you comment in practice, and you can even register with Disqus to make commenting a bit easier across several sites that use it (and I notice the useage is growing). Hopefully it is importing all your old comments as I type, although at the moment they're not there so I'm hoping and crossing all appendages that they'll show up shortly! Please let me know if you have any problems with it, but with any luck it'll be a seamless changeover. :P


  1. Oooh, let us know how you find it Jacqui - I have been thinking of switching too, but have held back because I know sometimes when I am commenting it does nae work or I have issues with whichever "profile" and I think "Bugger it!".... but that might just be me & my lack of technical prowess.... ;)

  2. Oh, I should say that it does all the patching of your blogger template for you, you just paste in your old one and it gives you the new one to put in. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Then you just have to tell it to import your old comments and check some settings boxes if you want and that's it.

  3. Well so far so good! It appears you also have the option of replying to
    comments by responding to the email notification, which is what I'm doing
    with this one. After I hit send I'll be racing over to see if it shows up -
    will be much easier than having to go to the blog each time if it does work
    :) Otherwise I'd say the set-up has been pretty easy, it imported the old
    comments quite happily although syncing them with Blogger hasn't worked,
    whatever that is, so there is one bug to work out. Obviously it's not a very
    big one! The one thing I'm curious about is whether the commenter gets any
    sort of notification that there has been a reply to their comment, or if
    they have to come back and check for it or go to their Disqus profile to

  4. Oooo I really like the new comment thing... blogger comments drive me a smidgeon mental!
    May have to go investigate for my blog.

  5. I like to reply by email to comments sometimes, and Disqus makes it easier. I wish everyone on the Blogger platform would enable their emails. Or at least have their emails on their blogs. I do understand if people choose not to post their emails. But then they are missing my personal and exciting email replies. (cough)

  6. I actually thought I had my email enabled for ages until I entered a giveaway and the person specifically told us how to make sure it was visible and mine wasn't to my great surprise. I haven't had any increase in spam email as a result of making it visible either, so I suspect there are a lot of people who are oblivious to their 'no-reply' status.

  7. Testing testing! I think very few of my comments ever make it here since I don't have logins for the various ID options. I can spam you now though. :)

    It's funny that my neighbor who looks a bit like you also posts pictures of her face, for her each day though. She's usually smiling - you should too.

  8. Yay yay yay! Glad it works for you - it was you and Donna both having
    problems commenting that really spurred me on to do this so I'm pleased it
    was successful.

  9. Hope u don't mind, I listed you as a 'Kreative Blogger' on my blog - love your site, esp coz of the NZ link. My beloved is from Wgtn, and we used to live there, so I love to see what is going on over there!

  10. Hope the change works well for you - Blogger drives me a bit spare, and I find I can't post nearly half the comments i try to make since it decides not to recognise me etc etc. Sorry you've had dramas with it as well. (And hope the rest of the weekend went well, and not too wracked with missing everyone!)

  11. So far it seems to be working really well - a couple people who haven't previously been able to comment on my blog have managed it with Disqus so I'm really pleased! Highly recommend it :)



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