22 February, 2010

Apron and potholders

I believe this is what is termed a 'show and tell' post. Next post will be what I did on my summer holidays. :P

My friend Steph's birthday is in a couple of days and since she actually uses an apron, unlike me who has one but always forgets to use it, I thought I'd give making one a go. I will admit to being heavily influenced by the book 'I Heart Linen' and by the lovely patchwork and linen baskets of Pink Penguin. I've been thinking about either an apron or a ironing board cover along those sorts of lines for myself, but it's always nice to practice on someone else's present first I think. That way you can give away your mistakes. :))

I used my under-utilised apron as the template for this one, made it a bit longer and a bit wider. The patchwork strip is sewed on top of the linen and there's a button fastening at the neck.

Apron 1

I put a couple of strips of linen ribbon on a waist tie and on the neck one too and Mat asked me why and I was trying to explain about zakka and failed miserably. Hopefully Steph appreciates them! I know I do.

Apron 2

Then I made up a couple of potholders using the great tutorial over at Vlijtig.


They look really cute although I made the awful mistake of using a fabric that must have a bit of synthetic in it (the red gingham) because I thought it was another gingham that I knew was 100% cotton. Naturally on the last iron when they were done it shrank. I'll have to warn Steph about it just in case it does it again. My in-laws bought a really cheapo ironing board that had a synthetic cover AND padding - and it melted ironing a cotton shirt. Who in their right mind would use synthetics in that situation? But I digress! Mat wouldn't be able to use them as his hand is too big, but they fit mine just. Perhaps if I make them again, which I probably will, I'll make them a bit longer and put the little finger pocket on both ends.

So this is the whole present and I know I'd like to get it, just hope I've judged Steph's taste alright! Which is always the fraught thing about giving handmade gifts isn't it?

Apron and potholders

I have some more projects to photograph too, despite any moping around over the weekend, I did get a lot done and the house was clean when they came back and I managed to watch a decent amount of the Olympics to boot. It was nice to pick them up a the airport yesterday evening though, and get all the cuddles and kisses I'd missed out on. Hazel's still appreciating her mummy which is nice!


  1. I'd love to get a gift like this! They look lovely - the colours are fun and festive!

  2. Jacqui
    What a nice gift to give someone. I make aprons a lot because I do wear them (they make me feel all domestic.)

  3. They are awesome, I've been meaning to make pot holders. I got an amazing sewing book out of the library last weekend about Zakka and have fallen in love with everything :)

  4. They're gorgeous - I would love to receive them. I always feel like a better cook when I'm wearing an apron!!

  5. Steph will love these Jacqui! They are beautiful. Meantime, I have just figured out how to follow your blog and I think comment (although still as a guest?) so hopefully I will now be a more regular visitor, I really enjoy it when I do look.

  6. I think she will like it, she deserves a good present! Hopefully she doesn't figure out the whole blog thing until after tomorrow at least - but it's nice to have you around. See you on Sunday!

  7. great job, those are super cute!

  8. What a beautiful gift for your friend. I'm sure she'll love it - I would guess mainly because she'll see the love you put into it.
    And some things, you can't really explain to men - not worth bothering is it. And, even if your friend doesn't understand, I think the thing about zakka is that it's just subtle and doesn't need explanation. Beautiful.
    I love the little button detail at the neckline.
    - E xxx

  9. I love them Jacqui! very zakka!! and very pretty! How were they received?



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