03 February, 2010


Ok, some photos.

As I said in this previous post, I made quite a few wool slippers for Hazel and her little friends when she was smaller and they were really popular. I started with this pattern from Tacky Living and modified it to my taste, which simply involved making the heel piece higher and the toe piece longer to match. Then for some unknown reason, I threw out the modified pattern mid-last year because I thought I wouldn't need it again. I can only imagine what kind of brain explosion I was having at the time, although it may have involved tidying up my stash up in the attic and being ruthless about what stayed and what went out. So I was a bit at a loss when my friend Jess requested a pink wool pair for little Amy. I found the original pattern again and asked her for some measurements, modified it, and sewed them up in gorgeous pink wool.

However, I obviously didn't make the toe section quite long enough to match the heel section! They're still pretty cute though and I think unless you knew that was a mistake you'd think that was just the style. Right? RIGHT? All laughs aside, a couple years ago I would have been distraught about that but I'm slowly allowing myself to like imperfect things which just makes my life easier all-round :) I think the lining fabric is Amy Butler but can't be arsed going and checking her site for it, and the soles are pink suede.

Then since I was on a roll I decided to make a pair of slippers using the pattern from Stardust Shoes, which I've seen around the traps a bit and they look really darling. I sized them up with the printer to get the right measurements for Amy's foot and they sewed up super easy.

Lecien baby slippers

How cute are they?! I just love love love this 'My Folklore' fabric, especially teamed with other fabrics with red and the red suede soles. Sadly, I seem to have forgotten to add in the seam allowance so they're about a centimetre smaller than they should be. Argh! Too small for Amy sadly, but hopefully they'll fit my little niece who's small for her age or some other baby if she's too big as well. Not sure about the shape of these slippers to be honest, I suspect they'd be better on babies who aren't walking as they're very wide for how long they are, which is cute but possibly not all that practical. The unaltered size is for smaller babies to begin with, so I'd stick with that in future.

All these slippers have reignited my fondness for them so I think I'll try and make Hazel another pair for this coming winter, maybe in green with the bumble bee just for nostalgia's sake. Look at me, she's only 4.5 and I'm already getting weepy over her baby years. I'm going to be hopeless as she gets older, I can tell ;) That's the problem with having all your genetic eggs in one basket! Sometimes I wish I'd started younger and had more, but then I wouldn't have had Hazel so I can't really regret how it all worked out. Hmmm...I must be tired, I'm babbling.


  1. Those wee shoes are just beautiful, I love this style of shoes for little ones, and will make Cara a pair for winter as well, might even go all out and try to up size for my feet :)

    Don't worry about getting all weepy when thinking about Hazel's baby years, I do when I think of Cara's and she is not quite two xx

  2. They look great! :)

    I think you wouldn't be a mother if you didn't miss the ages and stages of your children. Although some of them, I don't miss - like changing nappies, temper tantrums and squealing!

  3. those turned out great! love them!

  4. I cannot possibly find anything wrong with those first set of slippers. Well, except they're too small for me. Both sets are just adorable! It's so funny how we always see our mistakes.

    I miss my Veronica's sweet smelling head, and putting her whole hand in my mouth. Such odd and silly things... kinda weird actually, but I'm tearing up thinking of the feel of her little fingers wiggling around my tongue.



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