11 November, 2009

Taking photos indoors

I came across this great tutorial on bouncing the built-in flash of an SLR off the ceiling instead of having it burn out the object you are photographing. I got there via Sew I Do and she's got some good examples of how useful it's going to be for photographing things inside on those (sadly frequent) rainy Auckland days! I don't like the lighting I get outside on the deck which has a plastic cover, the camera doesn't seem to cope with it well and it often has an odd colour cast. If I could combine this technique with natural light from a window it could be a real winner!


  1. must check it out.It sounds great thanks

  2. Sounds great, I've got this on my 'to do' list for smaller objects. Thought you might be interested http://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-make-a-inexpensive-light-tent

  3. I momentarily got excited, except I have a darn point-and-shoot. :( I'll never take good pictures.

  4. Robyn - a point and shoot can take as good pictures as an expensive camera if the point and shoot is taken off manual, and the expensive one left on manual. the single most amazing thing i learned is to adjust your white balance for those horrid florescent lights.



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