08 November, 2009


Real life has intervened in the form of a health crisis in the extended family, so blogging is going to take a bit of a back seat for a few days - mostly because I'm going to be a single parent while Mat heads south to be with family for awhile. This might actually mean I've got more time in the evenings though which might mean more projects completed! That's balanced by the problem of some present recipients reading this blog and hence the projects have to stay secret. Pity you can't block some people's ISPs temporarily! ;)


  1. I hope it all resolves soon for your family. It is actually quite nice to have some quiet evenings to yourself (a distant memory for me!!)

  2. my thoughts and best wishes are with you at this time, take care

  3. Sending get well wishes from here. Thanks for your help with my quilt layout.

  4. hope family heals fast! yea for christmas & holdiay gifties!!!



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