09 November, 2009

My Place and Yours: Secret Weapon

This week's theme over at Meet Me At Mike's, courtesy of My Bricole, is 'Your Secret Weapon'. Oooo tricky! I thought long and hard about this, as the description specified it should something that you know you can go to in a pinch and it will never let you down. I thought about chocolate, but sometimes it doesn't do the trick. I thought about Mat and Hazel and other people in my life and I thought that perhaps it was unfair to put that kind of label on them because so often being let down by people is more about you than them. I thought about makeup, but that definitely lets me down sometimes! Then I remembered my red merino dress. That never lets me down, it always makes me feel good when I wear it, and it's the perfect shade of red.

Stitch Ministry dress

It's by a NZ outfit called Stitch Ministry and if that name isn't perfect then I don't know what is! The story of my dress is this: One day I was down in Wellington visiting my Aunt and I was browsing through a Saturday magazine from the Dominion Post. I came across an ad for Stitch Ministry and the dress . I fell in love. I memorised the name and checked it out online when I got home, pretty sure that I couldn't afford it. But as luck would have it, it was on sale and they had one in my size! I felt it was destined to be, so I bought it online along with another top. An hour later I had a call from a very nice girl at the shop saying that unfortunately their website was playing up and they didn't have the red in that size, perhaps I'd like it in black instead? I said no, the red was the object of my desire. She said they'd refund the money and get the top in the post asap. So I was disappointed, but as a pessimist I sort of expect these things in life! A couple days later the package lands on my doorstep and it feels a little heavy (you know where this is going of course) and inside, much to my astonishment, was the dress! They had it after all. So it really WAS meant to be, and I love my dress all the more for it.

ETA: Deb asked for a photo of me in said dress - the only one I could find is this very blurry self-portrait from just over a year ago. Check the sassy hand-on-hip pose!


  1. What a great story, what a great dress!

  2. That is such a cool story. Can we see a pic of you in the dress??

  3. great story - i have a heather merino wrap dress that is also fantastic!

  4. Lol. You definitely can't beat a piece of clothing that makes you feel that good! Great colour!:^)

  5. Now that looks like a very comfy dress, and I just LOVE the colour. x



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