26 November, 2009

Sleight of hand

I'm going to try and distract you from any crafty expectations right now by saying "what's that over there? Quick, it's a really cute baby in a jolly jumper!" (for hardened baby-lovers only as it's fairly long)

I uploaded this almost-four year old video for my friend Jess, who recently shared one of her little cutie in a jolly jumper, but I thought it might be good for general viewing. After watching it I should probably admit that I think Hazel's the best thing I've ever made, and definitely an on-going project. Look at those chubby little legs! They were just so gorgeous and scrummy, and now they're long and lean, covered in 4 year old bruises and they run like the wind. I loved how she did the Irish dancing thing with her feet, it was so darn cute. Or maybe it's more like tap...


  1. very, very cute! :) Loved the irish jig thing too!

  2. I've gotta get me one of those! ( the jumper i mean )

  3. Hi there... found your blog from here:


    Awesome to meet some more Kiwi bloggers!!

  4. its amazing to look at her and realize that even though she was that small when we met, i think of her as a 4 yr old thanks to your photos and videos... also its amazing how that little device makes babies laugh and trains muscles to help them develop.



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