11 November, 2009

Spam spam spam spam...

Is spamming not the most inherently stupid way of trying to sell your product? Or is it just the ones I notice doing it aren't very clever? I'm wondering this because my waterproof sheet tutorial keeps getting spammed by people selling mattresses or latex covers for mattresses. It's a bit annoying on one level because I have to go in and delete them; but on the other hand it's pretty funny. Firstly it's funny because obviously there are people whose job it is to go around finding blogs who have a post that might relate to mattresses so they can spam them. And not only do they spam me, but they pay me compliments when they do it! Then it's funny because they aren't targeting their market very well - people looking for free tutorials on making a waterproof sheet aren't likely to be wanting to buy one. And finally it's funny because my stats don't really suggest to me that I'm worth spamming. I mean really spammer people, do you want me to show you the number of hits I get a day? Was it really worth the 5 minutes you took to leave the comment and type in the verification word?

I had a really odd comment last month from a woman looking to exchange photos for 'friendship' and then discovered it was as a result of leaving a comment on another blog and all her commenters had been spammed with the same comment on their own blogs. That made it a LOT less creepy for sure, and again, rather funny. I mean really, what's the point of sending someone a comment like that when you've found them on a craft blog? They're likely to be a) a woman and b) not on the internet looking for love. Well ok, maybe crafty love but that's not what this lady was offering I imagine!

I can see sending out a million emails to random addresses in the hopes that 3 will respond, that's not a lot of effort for not a lot of return. But this personalised spamming seems to involve moderate effort for no return at all - not a very good business model!

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  1. That is crazy, what a waste of time and money.

    Cracks me up that you got spam about mattress protectors, dorks hehe



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