21 November, 2009

Back at it

Fairy house, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

Sorry for the absence, we had to fly down south to see my mother-in-law after she had a bad stroke a week and a half ago. Visiting loved ones in the hospital has to be one of the bleakest experiences in life.

It wasn't all sadness though, we got to catch up with family, go to a rose show and experience a 5.1 earthquake! Hazel and I also built our first fairy house. Pittosporum twig framework, agapanthus leaf walls, gingko above the door, eucalyptus carpet, a hosta leaf for a roof and azaleas on top for decoration. Pittosporum leaves, forget-me-nots, violas and rose petals for the front path. I'm not sure what the blue flowers at the base of the walls are, gorgeous blue colour though!

I changed the flowers around each night after Hazel had gone to bed - the first night I put them in the shape of a heart, so she is convinced that the pixies came each night to visit. I was driven to it by her comment as we went out into the garden to start "but fairies aren't real I don't think mummy". No child of mine is not going to believe in fairies darn it!


  1. Hope your mother in law recovers from her stroke, my love goes out to you at this time. Goodness and earthquake! i hope all of you are fine after that and not much damage done, and the fairy house is ADORABLE!!!

  2. i love that my children believe in fairies

  3. here here! i have a friend that swears they are real even in her twenties... ok that might be going a little bit too far... but it sure is fun!



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