30 November, 2009

More embroidery

I finished this Common Milkwort a couple days ago and really love the blue and purple against the muted greens and greys.

Common Milkwort
From Gerda Bengtsson's Danish Floral Charted Designs (as always!).

I'm having an awful time with the colour balance with the SLR - sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's not, even when I play around with the light source settings. The spots yesterday were super super saturated and weird-looking too. I think I really do need to build myself a light box! I pushed and pulled this with Photoshop and it looks okay, but not like the lovely colours of the original. I might try again later on with different lighting.


  1. Lighting is so so hard. I don't have an SLR yet (am working on it) but even with my camera it's so hard to get right. I've recently started using Picasa just to adjust the colour and lighting. It feels like cheating, but I just don't know how people take such lovely photos.

  2. Oh it's totally Photoshop (or similar!) in 90% of the cases I'd say. I love the photos over at Dooce and would love to have her eye, but I know she photoshops the heck out of them. So does Pioneer Woman, another good photographer, although she admits it! My photos have usually been run through as well, firstly to make them smaller, but I usually lighten them with levels or curves if they need it. Just a tweak usually, this photo was a bit more hard-core and needed some colour adjustment and desaturation as well.

    I don't really think it's cheating per se, photographers have always done this kind of thing, it's just that now us mere mortals have access to the technology on our computers! These programs can't save a badly framed photo, or boring subject matter or the really important stuff, they just make a nice photo nicer!

  3. Gosh isn't that stunning. I'm afraid embroidery is completely beyond me....doesn't stop me drooling over gorgeous wee things like that masterpiece though!



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