24 November, 2009

Oh what have I done?

I went and signed myself up for Sew Mama Sew's December Giveaway Day. Like I don't have enough stuff to make already! I'm telling myself that I can fit it in between the stuff that has to be sent off to Canada for Xmas by the end of this week and the stuff that has to be made by the 18th when we head off for Xmas. Yeah, no problem! I couldn't resist though because the last one was so much fun :) Now I just have to ponder what to make to give away...


  1. Fun! I was just about to sign myself up tomorrow. I have no idea what I'll be giving away either, but it'll be fun!

  2. Oh Jacqui, you read my mind! I literally got ready this morning wondering what I could make by December 2nd.
    Maybe a necklace (hair brush, hair brush). Or perhaps a scrap bundle with buttons? (apply blush, mascara) Perhaps a choice between the two? (put on clothing)
    Yeah, I'm not sure either. I think I'll just dive in like you and make it this weekend. We have 4 days off because of Thanksgiving, so I may have time...

  3. I'm excited that you signed up, you make amazing things! I've been contemplating it myself, and thinking when do i have the time!

  4. Oh such fun! I'm off to sign up too!!

  5. I know, I see the buttons, and I want to sign up, its so hard to resist... so many fun swaps and giveaways at this time of year!

  6. oh golly... I'm tempted to sign up too. Last time was so much fun, I always love hosting giveaways. Hmmmmm think I may have to go and sign up, can't help myself!



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