15 June, 2009

Well Phew!

My blog was frozen today because Blogger's little spam robots had flagged it as potential spam. Aside from the annoyance and nagging fear that I'd done something truly heinous by accident, it was kind of a harsh editorial comment. This is how Blogger defines a spam blog "...can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links..." Ooof! ;) I have no idea what triggered it but I think I'll take it easy on the links for a bit, you can all go Google them yourselves. My students hate it when I make them go and look things up for themselves, but hopefully I won't alienate too many of my highly intelligent and self-sufficient readers.

I had a lovely time in Wellington and up in Marton at my in-laws. The talk went well from my perspective and I had lots of really nice unsolicited compliments on it from people that I really admire so I feel all energised and go-gettish about the work again. I should probably write a paper while the feeling is still fresh!

The only downer was that not a single person, not one, commented on my Clothkits skirt. Philistines! I did see one lady covertly studying it while we waited at a crosswalk, I guess that'll have to do me. I need to take it in at the waist for the billionth time though, it kept slipping lower and lower on my hips as the fabric stretched out, until I began to worry I was about to show everyone my bellybutton! I really have the worst time fitting skirts, I take them in and take them in, and then sew them up and realise I should have taken it in more, and pick it apart and take it in, but not enough and have to do it again. I just have a fear of it being too tight and don't take into account fabric stretching. Plus this is an A-line which I'm really unfamiliar with in terms of how they're shaped. I always sew more fitted, curvy skirts and had a feeling that A-line is not for me - but it is! When I get the waist right that is, and now I can straighten the line over the hips a bit more and get it sitting just perfect.


  1. Yeah....your back up. That is weird. I don't blame your for not having more links for now but what's the deal with the "nonsensical text etc..." Maybe it was just a glich.

    You crack me up about your skirt. I am the exact same way when I create something. Just waiting for the comments - not sure what that says about me. Did you have a picture up of your finished skirt? Did I miss that or is it in an archive? I would love to see it.

  2. So I want to see your skirt! :) Your blog header is so pretty. And I love that you are an archeologist that sews! Makes me feel less odd about being a geologist (ok, still have a few classes to finish first) that sews. :)

  3. no more strange than a firefighter who knits :P

    Picture please (of you in it)

  4. Actually Blogger hasn't told me why exactly I was frozen, that quote is just from their FAQ page on spam blogs.

    Christina - I could have been a geologist too I think, I loved my course at Uni, and it's so interesting when we have geomorphologists on site to explain formation processes. Or a paleontologist maybe. Too late now! :)

    Ok Jess, so when you put it like that it sounds a bit silly saying I'm an archaeologist who crafts because who exactly IS supposed to be doing it then? Just 'housewives'?

    I'll definitely post a picture of the skirt when I get the waist sorted out.



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