18 June, 2009


A mail-order company here is selling those heatable wheatie-warmers shaped like bunnies and horses. Hazel wants one. This was our bedtime conversation just now

Hazel: Are you going to buy me a bunny one?
Me: Well...I might make you one instead.


Hazel: Buying one would be faster...

I'm not fooling anyone am I, not even almost-four-year-olds.


On a more positive note, 'Sewing Green' arrived this afternoon which totally took me by surprise! All the other crafting books I've ordered from Fishpond have taken a couple of weeks to come from overseas first, this one must have been sitting in their warehouse. It's lovely! I'll post more about it in a day or so but I'm really in love with some of the projects although I'm not overly confident about my ability to source all these woolen sweaters from op-shops that they seem to require. Like 3 or 4 per project... I might have a look around tomorrow and see what the supply is like. Probably not good considering the cold snap that's hit us the last couple weeks! Some of the projects are a bit 'meh' though - I'm sorry but I really don't need yet another apron pattern, particularly the utterly useless half aprons that don't cover the part of the body most likely to get coated in flour! But that's probably my particular pet peeve - they're in every single recent craft book I have I think, it's a pandemic! :) Otherwise there are many projects that I'm absolutely dying to try out, especially the log-shaped draft-stopper, complete with leaves and bracket fungi! Eeeeee!


  1. That cracks me up. Gotta love the honesty of kids.

  2. My 3-years-old-in-2-days boy has just cottoned to the idea that if you don't have something, you can buy it at the shop. So we go through it every time there are no chew bars in the house, or there's only toast and vegemite for breakfast ...

  3. LOL, that sounds awfully familiar Ange! Hazel's just realised you can ask for toys for your birthday and the list of demands is growing daily. :P



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