28 June, 2009

A little seamstress joins the ranks

I feel like I should be holding some sort of arcane initiation ceremony to celebrate this event - the crafting community just grew by one today!

Teaching Hazel to sew

I've started teaching Hazel how to sew using hessian and old tapestry wool. She's really excited about it and her first project is to sew a tree for her daddy.

Teaching Hazel to sew

There are so many skills involved in this, and so many things she needs to remember as she pulls the wool through that I'm in awe that any of us manage to get good at it! Even threading the needle is a big and daunting prospect but she really works at it and does get it eventually. She doesn't always show such persistence so I'm hoping this is a good sign for her career as a seamstress!


  1. That's very impressive! Too bad shipping is so expensive because I was given Miranda's little csinger sewing machine and I think your daughter would use it more than my daughters.

  2. She's got her eye on a Dora Explorer one at the local craft shop :P Pink rules her little world! I wish shipping wasn't so much too, a proper little machine sounds wonderful - but you never know, the bug may hit one of your girls and you'll be glad you didn't give it away.

  3. Aw! That's so sweet :) and she has such great focus too!

    Also, just dropping by to say that I'm working on the brooches now. They will be done before Hazel's bday in August :)



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