06 June, 2009

Can you help me relocate a blog?

I knew I'd forgotten to note down some good blogs in the SMS frenzy! I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me with this. The blog was giving away a pattern that was for various items of women's clothing, like a rather sexy-looking nightgown, a singlet, etc., all essentially variations on a theme. I could have sworn I bookmarked either the shop (etsy?) or the blog but nope and I'd really like to go back and look at the pattern as I'm in the market to make some nightgowns and so-on. Any suggestions gratefully recieved and in the meantime I'll go back to slowly making my way through the giveaway lists again!

I'm almost finished the first Clothkits skirt - I went with the Trellick Tower one. It's taken a bit longer than I'd hoped as I've had to do some adjusting to get it to fit, like curving the back seam to fit into the small of my back, and darn if that isn't hard to do on yourself! I think I've got it sitting nicely now though.
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