02 June, 2009

Life must go on

I know that life after the SMS give-away does exist, but it seems strangely empty and without purpose. ;) I was so excited to finally be able to draw a winner for my bunny, and even more excited to win something myself! Oddly enough it was the first give away I entered, and I was the first commenter on it too! I won a lovely linen pouch with a wee orange square on it from Pascale over at //Between the lines//, one of my favourite blogs.

One of the huge benefits of having my giveaway, was that I included the little note that I was going to turn the bunny into a tutorial and now lots and lots and LOTS of people know this so I have to actually do it! I'm sure I would have got around to it sometime, but there's something very motivating about sharing your plans with a crowd. I don't know, maybe something to do with the fact they actually expect you to do it. :D It works wonders for other aspects of life too - like inviting someone over for dinner if you really need to get the house clean but lack the motivation. So anyway, I've begun the bunny tutorial - look!

Bunny pattern WIP, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I'm reasonably confident I've got the pattern right so I've committed to using some of my very small stash of pure wool felt. Ooooo I know! It's like gold down here, and just about as expensive! Mat's said he'll help me draft the pattern up in Illustrator (or irritator as he calls it) and then I'll have to figure out where to put it up. I don't think Blogger hosts anything other than images?


  1. congratulations on winning the linen pouch, it looks lovely.

    I for one can't wait to try your bunny pattern. My daughter is hassling me for a whole felt zoo of animals and yet I've been too scared to cut into the very expensive felt as of yet.

  2. Thanks so much for starting on the rabbit tutorial - I can't wait to have a go at making one of these cute bunnys!

  3. I just received your little bunny! He is sooo much fun and is currently gracing our mantel! Thank you again and can't wait for the tutorial! So we can start making these, like, well...bunnies?

  4. Glad he made it safely Leanna, he's a well-travelled animal now :)



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