06 June, 2009

Felt mask for a little superhero

I've just discovered that Hazel is simply the mild-mannered alter-ego of Super Hazel!

Super Hazel and felt mask

She was running around with a little mask she'd made herself out of paper so I offered to make her a bigger one. And of course I couldn't just do a paper one could I? Oh no, it had to be a felt one. I managed to finish before she completely lost interest in the whole operation, so probably in under half an hour. Hazel was dead keen on the star eyes on the paper masks at Creative Kids at Home , but they were too small so I made them bigger as much again. The mask itself is just two layers of felt fused together with Underwonder and reinforced with stitching. We went through every single stitch my machine does before settling on this one - thank goodness I have a fairly basic machine! I've put up a tutorial for the mask in another post, or you can download the full tutorial and pattern here or just the pattern here

Felt mask

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and she really likes it. I'm still not sure about those star eye holes, but she assures me they're the right size and she can see out fine so who am I to argue?

I often feel like a bit of a fraud putting up photos of Hazel because of course I choose the nicest ones, and while she's really very photogenic, it doesn't really give a true representation of the range of dreadful photos I have of her as well. So here's one to balance things up a bit:

Super Hazel

How typical that this one has much better lighting! I must admit the awful photos are becoming more frequent because she assumes these odd expressions for photos these days - grimaces, frozen smiles, tongue sticking out etc. etc. It's at the point where I have to trick her and take photos when she's not expecting it. Bring back my smiley baby!


  1. I laughed out loud at the second photo! A few days ago we were trying to get a shot of Paul and Finn with Finn holding a certificate, and Finn held it in front of his face or made a face so often finally Paul gave in and made a face too, and of course on that one shot in a kazillion Finn looked normal!

    What I'm saying is, get used to it.

  2. No kidding I hate pulling out the camera to take pictures because Nicole loves it but has to make the most ridiculous faces it drives me batty. It's like she has forgotten how to do a normal smile! I would say the bad out weigh the good 8 to 1. Seriously.
    Hazel still looks fab in the nose one. I love the way the eyeholes are stars it makes it so cool. I have to show NIcole and Danielle and maybe attempt something like this myself.
    My machine only zigzags so I have even less stitches than you.

  3. I feared as much. I guess the stealth photography will continue then!

    I should scan the mask pattern and put it up shouldn't I?

  4. oooh very cool! mustn't let lexi see that or she'll be wanting one immediately too! :D

  5. Oh yeah, browsing craft blogs can be dangerous with little people peeking over your shoulder saying "can you make me that mummy?" "oh I like that, I want one" and so on.



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