21 June, 2009

I'm still here, honest!

I'm just lost in the land of craft-that-does-not-lend-itself-to-blogging if you know what I mean. I've been working steadily away on the bunny tutorial, cut out a tshirt to sew, made one (count 'em ONE) napkin, and made new curtains for a little puppet theatre we got from the toy library. And yes, it's been busy but nothing to show for it really and no time to blog about it.

I've also been reading and re-reading 'Sewing Green' and 'Sew-U Home Stretch' for inspiration. The napkins are inspired by the former, the latter is teaching me how to make a long-sleeved, v-necked tshirt. I'm insanely nervous about doing this tshirt thing, I've been wanting to for ages - Jess may remember me reading the book on the Accela from NY to DC last September! I don't know why knits and my overlocker intimidate me so, but there it is. You'll probably all hear the cussing and swearing (what's the difference between those two things anyways?) emanating from Auckland later on tonight. If it's a failure then I'm not posting photos and I expect you all to forget that I ever mentioned it in the first place.

Last night I started on the napkins from Sewing Green. Well just napkins really, with the idea of binding the edges from the book. I royally stuffed up the first lot of fabric strips I cut to make the bias binding, I made it too narrow by half. Then the new strips just wouldn't work with my little bias binding maker, I think it was slightly too narrow still, or the fabric was too light or something. Total disaster. Cue more swearing and singing of fingers with the steam out of the iron. I gave up and did it the old-fashioned way by folding in half and then folding in the edges to meet the middle. Needless to say there's only enough to do two 15x15" napkins! Then I decided that I just needed to do one up and started on it at 10pm. Oh yeah, that was a good idea. Anyways, the binding stretches, the linen napkins stretch, and the first side is decidedly wonky. But I pressed on and got two more sides done before Hazel had a spack attack after being woken to go to the toilet by Mat and I had to go and deal with that. She's been a thumb sucker since she was able to get it in to her mouth and it's beginning to have dire effects on her teeth so yesterday we started painting the yukky-tasting stuff on it and night was when the full effects of no thumb really hit! Still, I wouldn't trade all the self-settling and comfort she's had from it for a few bad nights now. No sirree! Well I don't think so anyways... She accidentally stuck her thumb in Mat's mouth when they were rough-housing this morning and he bolted for the kitchen looking for something to wash the taste out of his mouth.

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  1. I remember that awful "Stopz-it" stuff. I was a thumb sucker (unknowingly until I was a teen and got braces). I cried and cried when they painted it on my thumb, but after I fell asleep, i'd pop it in my mouth and suck away and be none the wiser to it. So didn't really work for me. I wish you guys better luck. She'll be past it very soon. I pray every day that my little guy doesn't become a thumb sucker like his mom...and his grandpa...and...



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