24 June, 2009

As promised

tshirt and skirt, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

The tshirt and (unaltered) clothkits skirt. I'm quite pleased with the tshirt in general, and adore the skirt but they really don't go well together! :)

So the tshirt was a big learning experience for me, both because it was a knit, and also because I really had to use my overlocker seriously instead of being a bit of a dilettante. The pattern is from 'Sew U stretch' book, sort of a combination of a couple of different patterns. Considering it's my first effort it's pretty good I think. Not perfect but wearable for sure. It sits well across my shoulders which is saying something because I have a very wide back and deep chest. Apparently I have the lung capacity of an opera singer - what a waste! It's a bit tight across the bust though, a bit loose at the waist, and a bit tight across the hips. Easy enough to fix those issues for next time. I don't like the sleeves though, they're too wide for the length, but again, fixable! Unfortunately the overall effect, combined with the A-line skirt is to make me look far more straight up-and-down than I really am (I do have a waist in there somewhere!) I just love the idea of making tshirts though, especially that I can have them as long as I want (no cold tummy!) and not too tight across the bust. I expect eventually I'll end up with a pattern that works and then just do variations on a theme.

Oh, and I used my rotary cutter to cut it out and OMG revelation! I'm so sold on that way instead of cutting with scissors.

I'm so sick of my hair though, totally over the blunt bob look. I've got a haircut booked for Monday and I really need a change. You know when you're not sure about a change and not sure and then suddenly if you can't get it cut RIGHT NOW you might die? I'm feeling like that right now. I'm fighting getting cut really short again because I'd like to try and grow it out a bit more - my ponytail in this photo is a mere stub but darn it, I want my hair out of the way!


  1. Wow that T-shirt is impressive!!! Was that from the book you got in NY?
    The skirt looks fabulous too.
    I like that fact that you can pull your hair back in a pony, no matter how small.
    I need a hair cut to just to deal with the fact I am losing so much of it.

  2. Love love love the skirt! Think I might look into getting myself one to make ... :)

  3. Awesome outfit! I'm like you, I've never quite mastered the overlocker... they are scary machines !

  4. I too dove into the world of knits for the Sew Mama Sew mini wardrobe contest. I made a tank top, and although it wasn't perfect (AND I don't have a serger), I think I'd try it again. I need to get that book though... it sounds like Wendy takes a lot of the anxiety out of sewing with knits even on a conventional machine. Bravo on the outfit Jacque!

  5. like the t-shirt and skirt jacqui - have you found much choice in t-shirt fabric quality in NZ? I've never had too much success in making clothes I need to find a good course, will stick to quilts for now ... Eliz.

  6. Regan - it's a great book for techniques, even if you don't use the patterns. Her style is definitely geared towards slimmer women, although the tshirts themselves are...well I don't know quite how to describe the style except that it's kind of edgy-yet-boring. Perhaps it's just the illustrations!

    Elizabeth - I got the knits I have from Global Fabrics on Newton Road. They had lots of nice stuff there, but I just went with very basic and cheap to start with. Their fabrics are generally very high-quality but it's hit and miss as to what they have because it's bolt-ends and so on. Otherwise no, I've not found a source for decent dress-making fabrics since the fabric dept. at Smith and Caughey's closed down.

  7. I think your tshirt is really nice and simple. I love it's colour. I recently bought ball point needles to start making a knit top. I love that even if you cut them too small they stretch to your size, haa haaa!

  8. I am crazy for that skirt! Adorable print.



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