07 September, 2010

Doxie winner!

The random number generator chose

Which is Melinda who said
They are too cool!  I have a 3 year old that would love, love, love one of those.
Happy three year olds are rather gorgeous so I'm pleased they're going to a good home.

I've been auditioning red and orange fabrics for a lap quilt for me, and now that my back's less painful (though I'm still scheduled for an operation darn it!) I'm starting to think about sewing again. I discovered that if I prop the machine up on a few phone books it gets it to a much better height, I should have started doing that ages ago! Though perhaps something more solid might be required eventually, it does vibrate alarmingly when I get up to full speed.

These are the fabrics so far, I need a few more but I'm really happy with how they look. Not sure about the seahorses though, the colours are right but the pattern is...well I love it but does it "go"?

Red/orange fabrics

The last additions are the first and third from the right, are Valorie Wells from The Little Craft Shop. Remember when I was all excited about going to the opening and the reds I'd spotted in one of the photos? Well they're perfect, just like I thought they would be.  And she's getting in more fabrics soon so I'll have an excuse to head back for another visit :)  At the moment my favourite fabric from the lot above is the second from left, it's a wonderful big medallion print from Spotlight. I know, I know, but the lady who cut it said that they've got a new supplier and that's why all the new fabrics.  My previous favourite was the little daisy-like print, which is reds and oranges.  As usual, my monitor isn't rendering reds very well although I notice my monitor at Uni handles them fine so I'm hoping this photo looks better on computers that aren't MacBooks :)  I'm still undecided about the quilt pattern, I'm veering from one pattern to another. Originally I was going to do a wonky coin quilt, but then I decided I wanted it more intense with no white sashing so I might do a simple disappearing 9-patch or something like that.  I'm going to find it hard to commit to one pattern though, I'm going to have doubts and regrets and second-guess myself right till the end!


  1. Oooh they look great together and I see why you went for the spotlight fabric - wouldn't it make a fantastic summer dress !

  2. Def keep the seahorses...I think it's like the gorgeous one on either side of it - the negative space in these fabrics really helps make the whole lineup interesting and vibrant (trying desperately to avoid saying *it makes them pop!* lol)

  3. Love, love, love those colours together!

  4. Thanks! Hey I have to ask, were you/are you a TNN member? I'm sure your
    name's familiar from when I was an active member a few years ago.

  5. forgot to say I have the sales rep comming with oliver and s patterns soon :)

  6. Ooo! Actually I could almost be a sales rep for them, I have enough. :) But
    I really want one of the new line that's for knit fabrics, hopefully you
    decide to carry them!

  7. I love the little addition of the sea horses - and the good thing is you'll be able to enjoy that piece for many years. {I'd normally make something like that into a dress for the little one, and then she'd grow out of it and we'd have to pass it on and wouldn't see it ever again!}.
    Perhaps you need another red with some more blue in it - just little bits though, to go with the blue sea horses.
    Can't wait to see it underway, and then finished. Hope the deciding (and having to buy more fabrics) isn't too hard....

  8. PS - I've also found that the Spotlight quilting fabrics are much lower quality compared to the designer quilting cottons. It's a pity, as they are getting some prettier prints in (though my local one is still totally demoralising and soul-sucking...... luckily the quilting store just across the street has expanded and now stocks more of those delicious fabrics I always drool over online).

  9. Spotlight is putting a lot more effort into their quilting sections I think,
    perhaps they're finally feeling a bit of competition and people weren't
    buying the fuddy-duddy old taupe floral fabrics they had (shudder). If this
    was going to be a really special quilt I'd be saving up for all designer
    fabrics, but it's just going to be a lap-quilt for the living room and it
    won't have that hard a life or be expected to last forever. I've learned the
    hard way that the Spotlight fabrics really do mean it when they say not to
    put them into the dryer - the creases fade and you get lines across the
    fabric. The Bo-Peep skirt I made Hazel earlier in the year is looking a bit
    more faded than I'd like already. And I think ALL Spotlights are
    demoralising and soul-sucking, it's company policy. At least our shop
    assistants have changed and aren't so clueless and rude. Sometimes they
    actually know something about what they're selling! But yay for delicious
    fabrics from proper stores run by people who know their stuff. I'm so glad
    I've got one near me now :)



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