02 September, 2010

More springiness

This photo is for my friend Jess, who loves freesias and is jealous because I have them in the garden. But I'm jealous she can grow peonies so I guess it all evens out.  These are the survivors of the Great Onion Weed Purge of '09.  I must get some new bulbs in to replace the lost ones!

Spring flowers

Growing up in Canada mandarins came in boxes, wrapped in green tissue paper.  It still astounds me that they also grow in my garden.

We bought a couple of these little chrysanthemums a few years ago and were very disappointed when they died out half-way through summer. But then the next spring up came a bunch of new ones, and again this spring. I think they might be taking over the garden but they do it so prettily I think we'll let them. For awhile.



  1. this is great, love seeing your spring!!!

  2. I could smell them as soon as I saw the picture! It truly is the most heavenly scent on earth!!
    I don't remember you having mandarines in your garden I'm jealous I will trade the peonies for a mandarine tree and a patch of freesias.

  3. They all look gorgeous! I will take heart especially though in the chrysanthemums because the ones I put in this summer seemed to die just recently; maybe they'll come back too. :)

  4. I love the look, taste and scent of mandarins. They look so yummy!

  5. Watch out for the chrysanthemums. I have a purple bush and it's lived through almost four years with me. Napalm won't kill those things. I love the plant, but it's such a prolific bloomer that deadheading could be done for an hour a day and not make a dent.

  6. It's quite good having bloggers on the other side of the world isn't it? I
    live summer vicariously through all the N.American and European blogs and I
    guess you guys get to do it through us when it's your turn for winter!

  7. Our freesias weren't the smelliest ever, not sure why. When I replace the
    bulbs I'll make darn sure I get the most old-fashioned, most heavily scented
    ones I can find! The newer coloured varieties are hopeless and so are some
    of the white ones. I guess they breed them for being big or whatever, but
    what's the point if they don't smell?

    The mandarin would be post your last visit, it's only about 4 years old.

  8. They are pretty good! Though if they're not quite ripe it's a bit of a
    wake-up call.



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