21 September, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day 2

The pillowcase skirt.  I've been buying old sheets with the aim of making a quilt at some point and Hazel took a shine to a pillowcase in this blue pattern and asked me to make a skirt for her. And I thought "why not?" and did.  Of course when I opened it out I realised it was faded in patches but went ahead anyways. I notice it for sure but I'm not sure if others would or not!  She's pretty keen on it - it got a much better reception than the Zigzag dress, although I'm still holding out hopes on that one and preparing my psychological assault on her to get her to love it as much as I do!  Anyways, this skirt amuses me and I'm pleased I made it.

Pillowcase skirt

The pillowcase opened out to one piece of long fabric so I just sewed it up in a seam at the back, hemmed the bottom and folded over the top to make a casing for elastic. It's trimmed with giant ric-rac and a couple of ric-rac flowers. Unfortunately I pressed them with the iron and can't get them to look as lovely and full as they did initially! And I also slightly melted the giant ric-rac because I thought it was cotton and it's obviously a blend. Oops! But you can't actually tell except that one little spot is slightly smaller and feels a bit hard.

Pillowcase skirt flowers

If anyone has tips on sewing this giant ric-rac I'd love to hear them - as you can see above I did the usual straight line through the middle as waggling up and down was too hard. But it's not sitting particularly nicely and the tips are curling in. Do I need to get the free motion foot out?


  1. Cute! I love it.
    I've been meaning to ask you what you are after in old sheets, just in case I'm frequenting a second hand store and I could pick one up for you - the ones I've seen have been a bit awful in my opinion but then I wonder if I'm missing the point?

  2. Gorgeous! What a beautiful skirt. You are so lucky your daughter actually likes the clothes you make her....my daughter refuses to wear anything I make unless I pull a serious guilt trip! Love it.

  3. Very sweet. And sure to satisfy Hazel. The colour combination could never go wrong with that age group!

  4. Very cute. Love the embellishment. I would probably sew a wavy line following the flow of the ric rac. But that is tedious!

  5. The best way to anchor the giant ric-rac (or even the not-so-giant) without going mad following the curve it to pick a thread colour to blend in with the background fabric, probably white here, and sew a straight line along the upper and lower edges of the ric-rac mostly on the fabric and just catching the tip of each upper and lower curve. Does this make sense?

  6. I singed a ribbon binding twill tape today, as I thought it was cotton - but obviously not! I was quite surprised actually; it made me realise that I really am a natural girl through and through...

    Great tip about the giant ric-rak, I would never have done that, yet it makes complete sense.

    I do hope Hazel likes the Iro top - it looks super cute on the hanger; I'd love to see how the sleeves work when she's wearing it. (If she'll even put it on for a pose - which Mishi would never do if she didn't like something. There'd be a big whinging fit and throwing of the offending article that I've made her.....).

  7. Stunning skirt.
    You're really on a roll with this sewing challenge. Way to go!



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