13 September, 2010

Mondays can be a good thing (really)

I had to pop into University this morning to organise some skeletal material for a tutorial (syphilitic skull, depressed cranial fracture, deformed skull, broken limb bones, gunshot wound, trephanation etc. - all the good stuff), so to lighten the mood* I dropped into the The Little Craft Shop on the way home to see if Helen could help me with a little fabric-matching issue I was having, and then there was felt and some ric-rac. Of course. When I got home there were two little parcels waiting for me - one from Hawthorne Threads with my deer fabric (holy smokes fast delivery!) and one from Amy at Badskirt with some Kei honeycomb fabric. I have to give a big shout-out to Amy for some above-and-beyond customer service and I'm looking forward to dealing with her again!

Fabric and felt

The Kei will be perfect for the quilt, but the deer...not sure.  The blue is darker and has more of a grey cast than the blue in the seahorses and the red is darker. It's gorgeous though, and if it doesn't end up in the quilt it'll be something else fabulous instead!

Last night I spent a bit of time cutting fabric, and now I have two WIP. One for Mat and one for Hazel (not hard to guess which is which!).  And look at the brand of the pattern there - Kwik Sew! See I do listen when people tell me not to be a snob about the brand.  We'll see how it goes :)

September WIP

Ok, back to work on Wednesday's lectures, it's going to be hard switching from fabric to evidence for disease and plague in skeletal populations!  Oh, and  big hello to the new people who have started following the blog in the last few days :)

*not really, I love that kind of thing, that's why I'm a bioarchaeologist!


  1. ThelittlecraftstoreOctober 1, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    That deer fabric screems cushion I love it, would like to hear your take on kwik sew thinking about stocking them as a back up to the oliver and s, looked for the strech fabric ones you wanted but they didn't have them may be they are just too new :)

  2. Gorgeous fabrics. Loving that deer fabric in particular but they do look like very hard colours to match. It would make fabulous cushions. Hope you have a fun day with your skulls!

  3. I always loved osteology class. Good fun, that.

  4. I guess that's the main drawback to buying fabric online - you're reliant on
    the photograph being accurate and your monitor displaying it properly. The
    photos of the fabric showed it as being much lighter than it is. If I'd seen
    it in RL I'd have known immediately it wasn't quite right. I still love it

  5. lovely fabrics - I'm keen on the trees in blue and purple - do you remember the designer etc??

  6. you should talk work more often - very curious to know more. sounds totally interesting. (you sound like Bones talking....).

    pity the fabric was wrong colours; at least it's pretty, so you can use it somewhere else.

  7. It's a cute print isn't it? I got it from Spotlight earlier in the year, so
    you might be able to find it about still.

  8. If only I had ummmm...the guy, the one I think of Angel still...Boreanaz or
    whatever his name is, as well! I'll try and remember to talk more about what
    I do, it just doesn't always flow with the talk of fabric etc! Like
    switching from talking about red quilt fabrics to what syphilis does to the
    skeleton is not only a bit of a stretch, syphilis isn't something you
    usually talk about in polite company and what it does is distinctly
    unpleasant! Whereas red quilt fabric is all about the pleasant. But yeah, a
    few gunshot wounds, bit of skull deformation, throw in some syphilis - it's
    all between friends here really. Well hopefully not the syphilis...

  9. Yeah, I want to do a cushion too but I think Mat's a little less
    enthusiastic about it! I'll have to work on it.

    I've been more than pleasantly surprised with this one Kwik Sew pattern I
    have to say, the fit is really good. They use some different techniques
    which are interesting and I am so in love with how they do the shirt yoke!
    So yeah, so far a big thumbs-up on Kwik Sew but that's just the one pattern
    :) They do lots for kids too which I'm going to have a look at.

    The Oliver+S stretch patterns were only released last month I think it was,
    so they are pretty new. I think some of the ones you got have actually been
    discontinued which surprises me because they only came out a year ago or so.



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