08 September, 2010

More quilting progress

Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday about my proposed quilt fabrics!  Ellie over at Petalplum suggested adding in a bit more blue to go with the blue seahorses which of course sent me off on a search for red and aqua fabrics - I looooove that colour combination!  Oddly enough though, there aren't many that combine both together in one print, but this morning I stumbled across Joel Dewberry's Antler Damask in Sky which fits the bill. I've ordered some from Hawthorne Threads, partly on the strength of the pictures they have on the site of cool customer projects that have been made in it, including a red quilt. I'll have to make sure I don't use it all up on the quilt so I can do a cushion or something from it!

I've also narrowed down my pattern to a style, but I'm going to have to make up the measurements myself to get it the right size, which should be fun (not).  I came across this gorgeous quilt on Red Pepper Quilts:

Red Patch Quilt

and really liked the simple blocks of three fabric strips with larger blocks interspersed.  Then I found the quilt-along at Old Red Barn Co. for the same style of block (does it have a name, I haven't been able to find one?) that shows you how to do it with 5 strips, but I prefer the 3 of Red Pepper Quilts' one so I'm going to adapt the sew-along to my dimensions and three strips.  I think this will give me the intense red that I'm after, but let me break it up a bit with larger blocks that feature the prints - like the deer's head or the medallion on that one fabric.


  1. This is so funny, I have been browsing this past week trying to find a style of quilt I want to make. I have this one and also this one http://bellgirl.com.au/2010/09/my-creative-space-pink-hair-and-gold.html, well at least the disappearing 9 patch design anyway. Now I need to decide on fabric and colour. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. Oh, that design will be wonderful. I like the blocks of feature print. {The red tree is a Saffron Craig design - she's got lots of great reds + some aquas if you're looking to add more..... http://saffroncraig.com/shop/owl-fabric}.

  3. I love Saffron Craig's fabrics (and not just because we're probably
    distantly related!). I'm hoping I can afford to back the quilt with the
    nesting owls print, or at least one panel of it plus other fabrics, and
    maybe put the mignon trees in the front somewhere. I've also been looking
    for an excuse to buy the pink dandelion fabric, maybe as a backing for a
    quilt for Hazel.

  4. I reckon you're right. There's something about quilting in 'threes' that seems to balance beautifully. Quite partial to a red and light blue combo myself...



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