25 September, 2010

KCWC Days 4 and 5

I went ahead and made up the Fancy Flower Fields tunic from Ottobre 1/2010 (image from magazine in the previous post here) and although it was a size 128 it seemed like it would be ok. But of course it was miles too big so I had to take it in down the sides on Day 5.

Fancy Flower Fields top

It's turned out ok, I think my vague dissatisfaction with it is more to do with the quality of the fabric than anything else. It looks nice but it tends to stay stretched rather than rebounding to the original shape, so I think it will spend a fair amount of time looking baggy despite being taken in down the sides.  I love the shape of the hem though and it does look very nice in RL.  In this photo the wind has blown it out to the front a bit

Fancy Flower Fields top 2

I can't quite get my head around the Ottobre sizing - in terms of height she's just over 110cm but all her other measurements are more like a 98 which is two sizes smaller. Are Finnish kids incredibly stocky or something?

The funny thing is that I realised after she got dressed this morning that everything she's wearing bar undies, socks and shoes was made by me!  The mess from chocolate icecream on her face, the pastel crayon smudges on the top, and the soy sauce on her leg was made by her. 


  1. Love that dress! The hem is so cute. And super double yah to being mama dressed from top - to - toe (underwear is always excluded from the list, anyway... well, it's on my one-day making list!).
    It looks like she likes this one, so that's good.

  2. It's looks really great on her - it's a great shape and she's looking pretty chuffed with it! I made Milly a top from the same fabric and unfortunately had the same problem with it stretching. It is such pretty fabric but it definitely needs to be tumble dried rather than line dried otherwise it doubles in length on the line.

  3. I really like this. You did a great job adjusting the size. Am I right in thinking that it is a stretch fabric?

  4. The ottobre sizing is weird like that indeed. Although I heard many people saying that they think the sizing is perfect, I always have to fiddle with it too. For my little girl, I have to cut a 92 (!) width, while making the length a size 110. Imagine that.

    She looks adorable, by the way, and I think that even if the tunic gets a little baggy after some wearing it throughout a day, it still wouldn't look weird. I think with this shape and this fabric, it's ok if it gets a bit baggy. It will be very cute anyway :-)

  5. I like the pattern of the material!
    Hazel sure looks cute with her soy sauce legs. :)

  6. So, so, so CUTE! I am getting lost in the blog world of the KCWC, and I don't even have a little one to sew for! I need a little one to sew for again!

  7. I really like the elasticated hem! She is very lucky to have all her clothes made by you :)

  8. Okay, so now I know that I have to make this one. That is super cute, and even if you are unhappy with the fabric (it's so darling), you know it's a sweet little pattern and what to adjust. I think you are onto something with sizing though - my daughter manages to fit a 90 waist and a 120 length. So confusing. There is a really cute unders pattern online somewhere, I have seen a few people making them and have always chickened out on that one. I'll have to look for it though...

  9. This is the undies pattern - I have seen it around blogland with lots of rave reviews. I am always tempted to go for it, but not quite that comfortable with knits yet.

  10. Adorable! I am going to give this one a try, looks very comfy and I like the overall shape. I too will have to fiddle with the sizing a bit though.

  11. Your (not so wee anymore) girl is insanely cute. Love the clothes - they're gorgeous! You're too talented, damn you ;-)

  12. Good old Spotlight eh?! Sometimes the stuff looks crap and is crap,
    sometimes it looks good but is crap and just occasionally you score with
    something that looks good and is good. This fabric is definitely the middle
    option. I made a cute little skirt out of it that has layers of ruffles and
    it worked really well, but it's never really been stretched out so I hadn't
    realised the lack of rebound. I'm sure it'll be fine. Mat dried the dress on
    the line this morning and it seemed to be ok - but I've trained him not to
    hang knits by the bottom corners (well mostly trained anyways).

  13. Luckily the pattern lent itself to being taken in all the way down the sides
    otherwise I would have been in trouble! Yes it's a stretch fabric. I think
    the pattern would be nice in a woven fabric too.

  14. Sizing can be funny - there's a brand here that has pants that fit Hazel
    just right for her age but we usually have to go up 2-3 sizes in tops. Most
    of the mums complain about it too, so it's not just that Hazel's
    oddly-shaped! But I guess they must have based the sizes on some kid(s)
    somewhere. At least now I know that the fit in Ottobre really IS like that
    instead of being confused with the table of measurements and the fact that
    she'd have to be a LOT more rotund to match the chest/waist measurements for
    110cm tall. Like really rotund. They must breed 'em for the cold in Finland



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