19 April, 2010

Cute as a button

I'm still working away on my super secret project, I can't believe it's still in progress! There's been a few false starts with it, changes of direction, and a bit of undoing and so it's taking longer than anticipated.  I'm about the start undoing the latest wrong direction, but spurred on by the whole macro thing I thought a few photos were in order first.


I actually really really like the look of these buttons. A lot. But they're just not right for what I have in mind and Mat agrees too.  Hazel, on the other hand, thinks that pink can do no wrong and really wants them to stay.  I'm thinking that after this is done I might do her up an H in buttons or something.  It's quite fun placing them and sewing them, especially since one stitch will do. If only clothing buttons were so quick!

Buttons 2

Tonight I will pick the buttons apart and select a whole new bunch. There are worse jobs than idly picking through buttons.

My rose didn't make it into the finalists of the PW photo competition but I'm still so thrilled it was in Group 2. There were soooo many amazing photographs I was just blown away by some of them. I mean, how on earth do people capture things like beetles emerging from a seed pod?? Most of my group favourites didn't make it into the finalists actually, I guess it's that pesky personal taste thing again :) If the finalists don't move you I highly recommend going through the 5 groups because there's some talented people out there!

Ok, back to Australopithecus afarensis.


  1. ok, I'm intrigued. looks very promising, I hope you are planning a big reveal.

  2. those are quite a group of interesting buttons you have there. Makes me want to get into more button crafts.



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