16 April, 2010

Bits 'n bobs

A few things that I've neglected to blog about that need to be said:

  1. IMG_2965I finally got the prize(s) from the great Hazelnuts Giveaway finished, many thanks to Vic for being so patient!  She had given me a list of my projects to choose from and I immediately knew that I was going to make the little carry house for her daughter and a pincushion for her.  And then you know what I did?  I sent them off without taking a photo! Aieee!  Luckily she took some for her blog, so you can go over there and check them out.  I should add that if anyone has a 'My Little Pony'-mad daughter three Ponies fit beautifully in the carry house and you can squeeze in 4 in a pinch.  Because sometimes, just sometimes, 3 Ponies aren't enough.  House made from UK lass in US: Fabric dollhouse tutorial.

  2. I've been invited to contribute to The Thrifty Garde Robe and although I haven't got my arse in gear enough to post my shirt refashion there you should all go and visit anyways!  Perhaps this will encourage me to do more of this sort of thing and in fact I do have another refashion partially in the works.  Hazel's not so keen on this one because I forced her to try it on for size when she was trying to watch tv and then I poked her with a pin.  Such shrieks and flailings! Really, you'd think she'd never been poked by a pin before when in fact she HAD, when mum and I fitted her bridesmaid dress 18 months ago.  We obviously didn't poke her hard enough to lodge it in her memory.

  3. If anyone has signed up over at My Sewing Circle and is looking for friends let me know because I'm having a hard time finding people other than just looking through people as they sign up.  I've found a few familiar names but if I've missed you let me know!  I'm Hazelnuts (well der! you say)  I'm hoping they'll put in some sort of notification system when someone friends you, at the moment it's a slightly detatched and impersonal process because they don't know you've done it.

  4. I got to meet another blogger yesterday!  That's always fun.  Turns out that Sarah from Bobby Robin and Kiwi Mummy Blogs and I live in the same neighbourhood, on either side of the main shops. I mean, not even at opposite ends of the place!  I tell you what, being able to discuss blogging and that kind of stuff without a blank stare (or worse rolling of eyes) is brilliant.  Plus I got to pinch the lovely Zoe's chubby little legs.  Hazel had chubby legs too so I get all gushy over them, don't mind me ahem.  Which reminds me, if any other Auckland bloggers want to try for a get-together Sarah's setting one up over at Kiwi Mummy Blogs.


  1. i love that little house sooooo much!! did u make it up yourself or did you use a pattern from somewhere? it is so cute, i love little crafty houses!

  2. The dollhouse was made from the tutorial over at UK Lass in US
    I'll add that link to the post, I should have done that first time around!

  3. I'll have to remember that if my daughter ever shows an interest in My Little Pony (she still likes stuffed animals best - she has thousands as people tend to ask her, rather than me, what she wants for her birthday...).

    I joined My Sewing Circle yesterday. I didn't really have long enough to explore it properly yet, though.

  4. I would love to join you at the Sewing Circle, but I've been having trouble with joining. It let me join up and everything, but I never received a confirmation email, and now I can't login, even though password and everything are correct. And there doesn't seem to be any help or contact button, so .... looks like I'm allowed in the Circle. That's okay, I'll survive being excluded....

    Oh, Mishi pricked herself with a pin yesterday and oh, golly the noises and complaining and how sore it was. She asked me if it would scar!

    E xxx

  5. Oh your story reminds me that when my sisters were little I used to make them clothes, but I would always bribe them with $1 for every time the pin stuck into them... otherwise they would not put the clothes on!!

    I agree meeting other bloggers is amazing... for some reason ones "real life" friends just don't 'get it'.

  6. Not having much like with my sewing circle. I have been able to log in but that's it. I can't add info or a picture and when I find you there is nothing else I can look at about you except your photo.
    Nicole saw the house and was already planning what she was going to do when it arrived. Had to burst her bubble. This is not a hint, she doesn't need one ( well everyone needs one but you know what I mean).

  7. Cute house. You keep raising the 4 year old craft bar ever higher. There is no way I am showing your post to my girl until I have a spare week to do something about it.

    I've just signed up at My Sewing Circle and am feeling pretty lonely too. Maybe you could take pity on me! I love Ravelry so I am hoping this will take off and feed my fabric obsessions.

  8. I had to do that with someone else's house that had a proper path and lots of neat flowers and stuff. I clicked away pretty quickly when Hazel entered the room!

    What's your user name on My Sewing Circle?



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