10 April, 2010

The Lola Dress

Hazel has asked me to make her a Lola dress and I think the Clothes for Girls dress from my previous post would do perfectly if I added a little sweetheart collar instead of the Nehru one in the pattern. I even have a spotty corduroy in the stash, similar to the middle image.

I'm such a huge fan of Charlie and Lola, not least for the wonderful fabrics that Lauren Child uses, and Lola's fabulous fashion sense :)  If you have preschoolers and you don't know this series, I highly highly recommend it!  They are just utterly charming and I like them as much (or more!) than Hazel does.


  1. We don't get in on tv here in NZ, it's all on DVD and by word-of-mouth!
    There are heaps on You Tube and some of Season 3 (which we haven't seen) as
    well which I'm going to have to sit down to watch with Hazel asap!

  2. Eeek! I love little tidbits of info like that. What a great reason to start
    a series, I think I love her even more now :) There was an interview with
    her on one of our DVDs and she looks exactly like how I'd imagined too,
    which is always nice. I should make it a project to gather up images of all
    the fabrics on the show, they'd make a great mosaic.

  3. Charlie and Lola are my faves! I actually tear up at the sweetness of it. We haven't watched it in awhile. It never seems to be on!

  4. Oh, I always find a reason to have to sit on the couch and watch with my kids. I love Lola so much - she's just so fun. And Charlie is the best big brother ever! I read that Lauren Child started the series using precious fabrics that she didn't want to throw out; so came up with a reason to use it. I love her books; some of her fabrics are so simply beautiful.

  5. I really adore Charlie and Lola. It is fun and I hope they put nice Dress To Thrill on them. It will be fashionable and kid-friendly as well.

  6. eek! love that show too! especially the way they talk, like an "ice lolly" instead of a popsicle! i'm always trying to get my little kansas kids to talk like them ;)

  7. You have been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award!

  8. I ADORE Charlie and Lola too. The stories are great, with so many wonderful messages, the illustrations are fabulous and I love the voices of the characters. Have fun making the dress - I'm sure it will be very lovely and adorable :)

  9. I'm very envious that you have a little girl who wants you to make her a lola dress... my little boy is definitely never going to want one. I also love Charlie and Lola, in fact I set it to record for me to watch as my little boy at only 18 months isn't interested in it yet.

  10. wow, what a cool mum you are, making a LOla dress!
    any little girls dream come true.
    looking forward to seeing it.



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