08 December, 2009

What you're into when you're four

Hazel's collage

Hazel has started making up little paper envelopes (or pouches as she calls them) at créche and filling them with images she's cut out of magazines. I think they're a gorgeous way of tracking her interests and I'm going to start recording each batch!

I have to agree with her on those Perrier Jouet bottles, they're utterly gorgeous and OTT in these days of minimalism and cutting-edge design.


  1. this is awesome! and so good for you... you will know exactly what to get her for presents etc :-) hehe. i love how there is a random shot of a girl with bracers... and upside down! make sure you post them all!

  2. that's such a sweet idea. maybe that would keep my daughter happy for a bit!

    I've been meaning to ask you about archaeology, I graduated with an anthropology minor, but went to a school that had a great arch program. Don't see too many archaeologists around the blogisphere. :)

  3. Well ok, I must admit that the collage effect is down to me arranging them on the scanner. Hazel point blank refuses to glue them onto anything, they must stay IN THE POUCH on pain of death apparently. Because I was doing it upside down on the scanner I had no idea the girl was upside down until I saw the finished scan!

    Anna - No, not many archaeologists in the (crafty) bloggosphere, although I’ve come across a few anthropologists. You guys are all good with the long words and stuff though, so I’m not surprised ;)

  4. What a beautiful collage! I had to laugh long and loud when my little one bought back some 'sticking' from Kindy - the images that day were of Paris Hilton and Prince William!!!!! And the thing is we found it the other day and she really wants to keep it! x



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