06 December, 2009

My Place and Yours: Wherever I lay my hat...

Another toughie for the My Place and Yours meme over at Meet Me At Mikes! This time the theme queen is Tania at Myrtle and Eunice and this is what she's specified:

What are the treasures in your house that signify ‘home’? Is there anything that reminds you of a childhood, a life overseas, a loved one? Is there a blanket you always curl under, a teapot that brews the perfect cuppa? Do you have a ‘Droopy Dog’ like that one above – a twelfth birthday present who fits perfectly in the crook of a sleeping kid’s arm and who may or may not have ventured to Europe in a backpack, ahem, three times?

So this time it was more a case of narrowing down a plethora of options to one or two! I have lots and lots of things that remind me of a life lived overseas, a few things that remind me of childhood, books that I'll never pack away, but what makes me feel like I'm at home?

If you'd asked me this just over 4 years ago the answer would have been different, but now there's Hazel and so the answer would be that anywhere she lays her head is home to me. I love my stuff, and I love archaeology, but my life revolves around her these days.


On a slightly less sappy note, one of the other things that caught my attention was the mention of things from childhood and items that may or may not have accompanied you on backpacking trips. My stuffed mouse Timothy qualifies for this in spades, and he also makes home home.


I got Timmy for my 4th birthday so that makes him 37 this year (quick, do the math!) and he is what my Dad has always called "a well-travelled mouse". He's been to Europe a couple times, around the South Pacific at least twice, around New Zealand at least 3 times (including when I was in my 20s), Australia and Syria. And he's not small either! On the plus side, he makes a fabulous pillow.


  1. I know what you mean - this was a hard one! I couldn't bring myself to post a photo of my doll, Amanda. She's been with me since I was a baby, but she's terribly grubby at the moment, and she looks kind of insane, what with being thousands of years old, now ...

  2. I think we all have that one favourite toy from our childhood tucked away somewhere.

  3. A friend and a pillow all in one...the perfect travelling companion!

  4. I have an inkling that Timothy and Droopy could get together for some squashed-in-backpack therapy!

  5. Ohhh tooo cute ;) Gorgeous, totally beautiful post;)

  6. aawwww Timmy looks a truly loved & cuddly mouse at that

  7. That mouse does not look a day over 4 years old... let alone in his 30s! Really adorably scuffed and loved up, he is too. Thanks for showing us your mouse!!! x



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