30 December, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

We're back from our two weeks away, though I'm not entirely sure how rested and relaxed I am! My main fear was getting there and back in holiday traffic, the drivers here can be a mad, bad and dangerous bunch at the best of times, Christmas seems to bring out the worst in some of them and that's saying a lot! Why such a nice bunch of people turn in to angry maniacs behind the wheel has always puzzled me.

Aaaaanyways, the weather was lovely, the family were lovely (as usual) and we got Gran home for the day from the hospital which was also lovely. Hazel now has more My Little Pony stuff than is decent and I'm drawing the line because I think if I hear that awful theme song much more I might do something drastic which would scar her for life! My handmade gifts went down pretty well, the slippers got the best reception, although I hear my mum's tea cosy went down well on the NY end of things.


  1. Well at least the pony stuff I sent doesn't make noise :P
    Next Christmas is going to be so much fun. Wait until Nicole sets up all her pony stuff they will all be in pony heaven.

  2. I’m forever grateful for quiet Pony stuff! Seriously, why make toys that have batteries and annoying noises and then not have an On/Off switch?!

  3. I love those puppies! I have awards for you at my blog...come on by!



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