15 December, 2009

Business card wallet

I think I'm safe putting this up... if not Hi Mat!

A couple months ago Mat suggested that a business card holder would be a good present, and then I promptly forgot all about it. I ended up getting him a disposable pre-loaded Visa card so he can buy obscure reggae music online - and then I remembered the card holder idea. I did a quick Google and came up with a great little tutorial and this is the result:

Card holder 1

open it up and voila! some Heather Ross Mendocino fabric. I think it's fairly 'guy-looking'.

Card holder 2

Perfect to put the Prezzy Card into and partially disguise what it is when wrapped. I'm half-hoping he doesn't like it and I can take it over, I think my "business card" looks pretty snappy tucked in there!


  1. really really nice. I think I will make some too. thanks for the link.

  2. love it! I think it's a great guy present.

  3. That's awesome and um, looks way too easy! (won't tell Matt though!)

  4. haha the amount of presents I've made and hope they don't like them so that I CAN KEEP THEM!!!!! love it!

  5. what a great handmade men's gift!

  6. Great idea!!! Love the fabric choices.

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