01 December, 2009

A stream of consciousness ramble

Got the package off to NY on the last mailing day so I'm feeling pretty good about that! Now I just have in-laws and a daughter to buy for. Oh and a husband... And I've just realised that the really good idea I had for a gift for him has completely gone out of my mind! Grrrr....

I also finished up my Sew Mama Sew giveaway item, although I'm awfully paranoid about missing that very important deadline on the 2nd! That's tomorrow here so I think I'll post it up before I go to bed, even though it'll be fairly early. I'm really very au fait with time zone differences, having spent the last 15 years anywhere from 4-10 hours away from my loved ones, but when it comes to something like this my confidence evaporates! Must remember to photograph it tomorrow. I used one of the little Hazelnuts fabric labels I made up on the inkjet printer in it, the first time ever! I was thinking about putting them in some of the little things I'm making for the female in-laws but maybe that'd be a bit wanky?

Over at Scribd, where I have my bunny and superhero mask patterns, I'm getting about two new subscribers a day which would be good if they weren't all completely unrelated to what I'm doing there. So far they're 100% male, middle-aged or older, and a little...odd. The first couple were consipiricy theorists I think, although it's hard to tell from their profiles. Then I attracted a couple religious nutters with many tracts on whichever religion they practice. Just today I had two novelists or authors of some kind start following me. They seem normal enough but who knows! I don't flatter myself that they are attracted to bunny tutorials, they all follow tens of thousands of people, but why on earth am I suddenly being targeted by these people? Today I removed most of the personal information on my profile, especially the words "researcher" and "archaeologist". Other than that I can't think why my profile is suddenly coming in for this kind of attention. It's bizarre. I keep telling myself that they don't care about me, that it's all completely anonymous but it's still creepy because they seem to come in clusters that are related in interests, like they watch each other to see who they are following. Unlike Twitter you can't stop someone following you, otherwise I'd be blocking these guys immediately!

When I was marking all those final exams the essay question was on the topic of the mosaic evolution of hominids. Mosaic evolution is a species that has both ancestral and derived characteristics - so an Australopithecine that could walk bipedally but also still had upper body adaptations for living in trees. The students were meant to discuss why hominid evolution was an example of mosaic evolution. After awhile it started to get to me because it's only mosaic in retrospect. At the time they were what they were - just like us. In a million years (supposing we manage to survive the coming climate catastrophe and our basic stupidity) will other humans look back at us and discuss our primitive and derived features? In theory yes they would, although I'd love to know what our primitive features would be!

Ok, I need to go and search out felted sweaters up in the attic, my brother-in-law has requested a pair of the Sewing Green slippers after seeing Mat's. Though considering how hot it is today I don't really want to have to touch wool! If it's this warm and muggy in spring I'm really dreading summer...
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