31 December, 2009

Little Pups

As part of the gifty meme from earlier this year I made a wee stuffed dog from the More Softies book for my friend Jennifer in England. The pattern is called 'Little Pup' by My Little Mochi. He turned out so well that I made another for Hazel for Christmas.

Little Pup(s)

When I first got the body sewed up it looked pretty dodgy, not at all like the one in the book! But as I stuffed it it looked better and better and by the time I got to sewing on the arms I was in luurve. The nose is a triumph of cute.

Little Pup(s)


  1. Super precious Jacqui! Your fabric combination really sets this off. If Hazel doesn't like this, you and I could do a handmade holidays swap between ourselves. ;) I don't know how well the Cupcake Cottage went over on this end...

  2. I adore my wee pup, and I think I'm going to call him Pippin :) Does Hazel like her latest Mummy-made work of art?

  3. Yes, Hazel does like her little pup (thank goodness)! He's called Chubby Puppy :) I'd love to organise some sort of swappy thing mid-year though Regan, we should consider it.

  4. Oh, your little pups came out adorable. Thanks for posting the pics, I rarely get a chance to see completed softies!

  5. Thank you! I'm such a huge fan of your patterns, I did the Chibi bunny and
    kitty last year and they turned out beautifully. Could you maybe set up a
    Flickr group for your patterns? I know there are a few people who have made
    up toys and I'm sure we'd all love to show them off :) BobbyRobin did a
    lovely Little Pup the other day if you haven't seen hers



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